doubleTwist Player: Great Music Player with Few Complaints

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    DoubleTwist is a replacement Music/Video player for you Android device. It has all the same features as the stock music player such as a section for artists, songs, playlists, albums and podcasts, but adds a few exciting features of its own.


    DoubleTwist is a very quick application to use. It takes no time to start it up and once your in it, it is very snappy. Even searching for songs within the player is silky smooth. I tried to see if there was any slow down while switching menus within the player while also having a song play in the background and I no such luck in getting bad performance. DoubleTwist is just as snappy as the stock music player.

    New Features Over Stock Music Player

    The first feature is that inside DoubleTwist is a video player. This is nice because all of your music and videos are in one spot in your phone. This is very convenient.

    The second feature is that inside the video section of the player, it has a picture thumbnail of the video to help you identify which video is which. Also, this adds a certain classy look and makes it look more professional.

    The third feature, and biggest, is that along with the version of DoubleTwist for Android, you can download DoubleTwist on your computer. What this allows you to do is sync your Itunes or Windows Media Player libraries straight to your device. This saves a lot of time as you no longer have to drag and drop your music files onto your device. I will go more in-depth on this feature later with a video.

    DoubleTwist for the PC

    DoubleTwist for the PC allows you to do what Itunes does for the Ipod but for your Android device. There many settings you can change to your preference such as having DoubleTwist for PC start up as soon as your device is plugged in via USB. Or you can have DoubleTwist automatically sync as soon as your device is plugged in. You also have the option of syncing your library from just Itunes or your Windows Media Player or both. Another option is having the choice of where you want your synced music stored on your PC. Overall, this saves a lot of time and frustration putting music and videos on your device.



    One of the main reasons that I use DoubleTwist for is that my videos are in the same spot as my music. But the problem is that if you shoot a video with your camera on your phone, it takes awhile for DoubleTwist on your device to realize that, and put it in your video playlist. It can be annoying.

    One more annoyance is that the colors used inside the player are very boring. All that is used are grays, blacks and the occasional blue. This is not a huge deal, but can be a little depressing at times. Below is a picture of the color scheme used.


    I have tried many other music replacements and none have come close to meet my expectations as DoubleTwist has. It does everything I want it to do and more. And although there are a few annoyances, the good outweighs the bad in this situation. I would give it a 9/10. I recommend this app to anyone looking for an easier solution to music on your Android phone. Even if you don't have a problem with getting music on your phone, its definitely worth the time of downloading it and checking it out!


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    For Some reason I cant get this second youtube video to be added to my review. This video is a walk through of the DoubleTwist Client for the PC.


    YouTube - Walkthrough of PC DoubleTwist
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    Seriously this software is a pile of Dogs doo dah. it doesnt install, download, it fails miserably, their techical support stinks and to make it worst Samsung has just realeased it on the new Vibrant, this company has no ideas what is going to be standing at their door.... how about a couple of 1000s irrate customers who cant get answers!!!!!
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    OK, I'm new. But how hard can it be to have DoubleTwist store the music, video, etc. on the SD drive? It wants to store everything on the phone's internal memory and I cannot redirect it. SD card is mounted, settings for storage location is set to SD card, DoubleTwist seems to ignore this. Just purchased Atrix 4g, is there something unique here?


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