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  1. ckmackey

    ckmackey New Member

    Recently, through motorola's website, I upgraded my backflip from 1.5 to 2.1. Since doing this, there are a number of reasons why I'm no longer as happy with this phone as I once was when it had 1.5.

    Is there anyway to downgrade it back to 1.5?

    Thanks for your suggestions.

  2. Lauren D

    Lauren D New Member

    Like ckmackey, I also want to find a way to downgrade. 2.1 is terrible. Please help!!
  3. NajaSAKAii

    NajaSAKAii New Member

    Yes. is there any possible way to downgrade. I believe all of the problems of the Motorola backflip are from the 2.1 upgrade. Maybe the phones really can't handle the upgrade or some bugs weren't fixed before it was sent out like it should of. But if I can downgrade to 1.5 plz let me know...
  4. Lifeoflax21

    Lifeoflax21 New Member

    Ok I had one real issue, after I upgraded, I couldn't receive texts, but everythig else worked right, but it ended up getting fixed, besides that I've had no problems at all I'm not sure what the issues are
  5. chadkassinger

    chadkassinger New Member

    ok i downloaded the 2.1 update and was upset when it was done cus my phone ran slow and would barely respond when i touched the screen. but i did fix it. and all i did was factory reset my phone. and it reset everything besides the 2.1 update. you will have to go back through and set up your motoblur account and if you want your apps back you have to go back to the market and get them but after i did all that my phone is back to normal plus has all the new features of the 2.1 update. so you should try that i cant promice you results but like i said my phone is back to normal if not faster than before:)

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