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  1. i have Samsung pop and i am from India
    i have heard that 2.3 gingerbread is available European version on samfirmware and i wish to install it but as it is European version i want to later downgrade and install it through kies the official one for India.

    so is there any way to downgrade ?
    thank in advance

  2. karandpr

    karandpr Well-Known Member

    There is no upgrade/downgrade in Odin
    It is either 2.2 or 2.3
    If your firmware is listed on Odin flashing that will be termed as "downgrade"
    If your firmware is listed however .Then extract the CSC and amss_phone of the 2.2
    Use PDA and boot of 2.3
    You will get effective "Indian" upgrade of 2.3
  3. Me newb plz show video or screenshot
    How to extract the CSC and amss_phone of the 2.2
    Use PDA and boot of 2.3
  4. drumstix116

    drumstix116 Member

    Or you can download your original 2.2 firmware files from samfirmware instead of extracting them from your phone.
  5. samfirmware does not provide indian firmware so i would be thankful if u can help me out to extract the original firmware from phone plz!!
  6. karandpr

    karandpr Well-Known Member

    If you are newbie ,I would strongly recommend against it.
    European and Asian FW's have same radio so phone EDGE/3G should work fine.
    As for CSC it is a complex proc ,has only been tested once and I wouldn't resort to it unless well you are desperate. Anyway some apps dont wrk on 2.3 .
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  7. dhruvbatra205

    dhruvbatra205 Well-Known Member

    what is CSC?
  8. yagya

    yagya Well-Known Member

    It does provide indian version latest froyo 2.2.1 rom. FLash this using Odin for downgrading to froyo later.
    For now use this asian version gingerbread 2.3.4 rom One click file hosting: S5570ZSKPB_S5570OZSKPB_S5570XXKPL.rar
    Or use this european version One click file hosting: S5570XXKPK_S5570XXKPK_S5570SERKPK.rar and flash them in odin. If you want to return back to froyo download this One click file hosting: S5570DDKC1_ODDKC1_DDKC1.rar and flash it using Odin.
    Don't know how to upgrade to gingrebread using Odin read this article
  9. tareq1988

    tareq1988 Member

    I've recently upgraded to Gingerbread 2.3.4 downloaded from via Odin multi downloader. But after upgrading I saw there was no support for Bengali font. Font rendering was messy. So I wanted to downgrade to froyo as font rendering there was excellent.

    But After flashing with S5570DDKC1 (2.2.1), it doesn't boot at all. May be the bootloader problem? I don't know how to fix it. When it restarts after flashing, it doesn't show the samsung logo or anything, just remains black screen. But odin can detect it. So I removed the battery, pressing volume down+menu+power and again inserting the battery comes to download mode again and I re-flashed using S5570XXKPK (2.3.4) ROM. It works then.

    Can you help me to boot again to the Froyo ROM? I don't know how to troubleshoot the blank screen problem. Show me a way :)

    I've also tried this thread. But may be it was for Galaxy S I9000, doesn't work :(
  10. tareq1988

    tareq1988 Member

  11. yagya

    yagya Well-Known Member

  12. tareq1988

    tareq1988 Member

    Finally able to install froyo :D

    All other ROMs are in just a single file. But you see this "Provider Samsung S5570 Firmwares" on samfirmware, they have 4 files (BOOT, PDA, Phone, CSC) in those zip/tar. I downloaded "S5570XWKE3" this one and installed without any problem. Then again to "S5570DDKC1" for Bengali support :)

    I downgraded because Gingerbread doesn't render my Bengali font correctly :(
  13. yagya

    yagya Well-Known Member

  14. tareq1988

    tareq1988 Member

    Sorry, but I really don't remember all of them. But I had this build number "FROYO.DDKC1" saved. So I am sure currently where I am back again, I was using this ROM as default for sure :D
  15. yagya

    yagya Well-Known Member

    For Bengali and other language support read this:
    Handy Informations: How to Display Characters of Any Regional Languages on your Android Smart Phone?

  16. tareq1988

    tareq1988 Member

    Ha ha, what do you think? We didn't tried that? Yes, it kinda works, but not fully

    When android sees that some character glyphs are not in the other droid fonts, it fallback to the DroidSansFallback.ttf font. So we replaced that with other unicode fonts that support Bengali and it works. But the problem with complex script language is, it doesn't show the words as it should. Some character are misplaced and shows after/before a character.

    Android doesn't come default with the complex script rendering engine. They doesn't ship that because of the limitation of the phone memory. If the OS built image is for Asian (or may be Indian), it comes with the complex script rendering engine. Then your method works.

    That Indian ROM (S5570DDKC1) also doesn't come with any Bengali font. We need to manually replace the DroidSansFallback font with our Bengali font, then that works and renders perfectly. Cause it came with the complex script rendering. Other phone builds are lack of that rendering engine.
  17. andycommon

    andycommon New Member

    Hi I have downloaded the rom to downgrade from 2.2.3, but do you know what the password is to unzip the file.

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