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  1. Carlit0s94

    Carlit0s94 Member

    I have a samsung indulge R915 from Cricket. I downloaded the new software version sometihng gingerbread, but it's too buggy and I don't like it. On top of this, it's not rootable..

    Is there anyway I can downgrade to the version I had when I first got the phone??


  2. Carlit0s94

    Carlit0s94 Member

    no one?
  3. Kender42

    Kender42 Well-Known Member

    You could try a hard reset. But I don't know much about your phone so I could be wrong
  4. Carlit0s94

    Carlit0s94 Member

    Whats a hard reset? Would Odin work?
  5. Carlit0s94

    Carlit0s94 Member

  6. Kender42

    Kender42 Well-Known Member

    Odin would work. Just follow the directions EXACTLY like they are written or you could own a $200 paperweight
  7. Carlit0s94

    Carlit0s94 Member

    200 paperweight? I'm not familiar with this term. Also, I tried the Odin thread exactly as is, about 5 times with no luck. The phone now boots up, but vibrates 3 times and goes to a dark screen, and starts over.

    Any suggestions on how to resolve this? I can't use my device at all.
  8. jjcox315

    jjcox315 Member

    how u know about odin but not paperweight is impressive in a bad way. its a slang way to say youll brick your phone, as in to say you will render it inoperable, which is to say its broke, and from the sound of it that just what u did.
  9. ttbanks

    ttbanks Member

    have you tried the odin after upgrading

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