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Downgraded back to S3, is S5 really this bad?General

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  1. gobige

    gobige Active Member

    I really wanted to upgrade to S5, especially after seeing my sister's amazing new Verizon S5. I was shocked to see how awful this phone is with talk/surf on Sprint. Sprint bashing aside (because I have a strong LTE signal with my S3 where I live), this phone didn't awful talk/surf on 3G or roaming like my S3 and obviously had no chance to do LTE since it's a Spark phone.

    Just curious: has anyone else had this experience? I actually like Sprint, because the signal is far and away the strongest where I live and my S3 can simultaneously talk/surf on roaming/3G/LTE. I like Samsung too, because we have a Samsung smartv and my S3 works smoothly with it. Thanks in advance for your feedback and any other tips I might be missing by being a Samsung Homer (if any other newer Droids worth updating to).

  2. AZgl1500

    AZgl1500 Well-Known Member

    It is not the phone, it is Spark.
    Also, there are probably a lot of apps on the phone gobbling up bandwidth that need to be uninstalled.

    Amazon Suites is a bandwidth hog.

    I have Verizon, so you really need some Sprint users to help you out.
  3. Burner2004

    Burner2004 Well-Known Member

    Hi there,

    I have no idea what you are talking about as I have the international version of the phone no carrier locked. But the comparison between S3 and S5 is like comparing the Windows 95 with Windows 7 Ultimate. No basis for comparison at all. I had the S3 for over 2 years until i upgraded to S5 and boy are they different.....

    The issues that you are having are either from a faulty phone or the service reason (switch operators Verizon, sprint or others).

    That's all from me. If you actually have some tech problem post it and ppl will help you.

  4. gobige

    gobige Active Member

    As I stated, it was a Verizon S5 that prompted me to get the phone (so, lucky you). It must be isolated to Sprint, because I have plenty of company with this problem as seen in a similar thread in Community message boards on Sprint.com (thread may be viewed at https://community.sprint.com/baw/thread/167386). Copying/pasting the feedback from Sprint Customer Care. If you click on that link, you'll see plenty of other folks that experienced similar frustration.

    SprintCare replied
    Great to hear you are taking an interest in the Samsung Galaxy S5. Unfortunately at this time, you are correct, it does not support simultaneous voice and data (SVD) service. I can check your location to verify if and when you should be getting Spark upgrades. What is your zip code and nearest cross streets? Also, the fact that the phone is losing LTE, and your S3 worked on LTE fine in the same location, indicates there is a problem either with the phone or going on in the area. Once you provide your location, we can determine if this is temporary or more of an issue with the phone. Keep us posted, we are eager to assist you. - JonelleSprint Social Care

    SprintCare replied
    Sprint is investigating the issue with Spark model phones that seem to have trouble recovering signal when switching from LTE to 3G or vice versa. Right now, the best workaround, though temporary, is to turn the phone to CDMA. This should stabilize the signal for calls and data. I know you purchased an LTE phone and that you want to use it to its fullest capability. Please know that we are working to resolve this issue as soon as possible, so that you can begin to use that great device to its fullest potential. As soon as there is a fix, we will post It on the community device forums pages with all the necessary details - RobertSprint Social Care

    SprintCare replied
    We are working to find a resolution for this issue. It's only the Spark capable phones at this time, that do not have simultaneous voice and data (SVD) services. When we release any new details or updates, you can visit: newsroom.sprint.com for all information. - JonelleSprint Social Care

    SprintCare replied
    We do not intentionally leave information out when someone is purchasing a particular phone. If you ask for a certain model phone, we provide you with what you ask for. We also provide all details in our Sprint Forums, Sprint.com and Sprint Newsroom, to make sure that all of these details are available to everyone. Most dual-antenna EV-DO devices will support SVDO through the use of a separate transmitter and receiver for the active 1X voice and EV-DO data traffic. All of the Spark capable phones only have one antenna. Since this is happening, and you even know someone that this happened to, I will report this situation for you. If you have any other questions or concerns, let us know. - Jonelle Sprint Social Care

  5. samthegam

    samthegam Well-Known Member

    On my S5 with Virgin Mobile which runs off Sprint and I am in a Spark area. Even in a Spark area you can't do LTE / VOICE at the same time. The phone does have issues switching from 3G back to LTE. I usually have to power cycle the phone or you will end up waiting a long time for it to switch back. I do get LTE on my S5 but I do seem to be stuck on 3G most of the time compared to my previous phone LG Optimus F3. I am in Monterey Park, CA 91754 which is part of the Los Angeles, CA market where LTE SPARK is supposedly strong.

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