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Downgrading from gingerbread to froyo.. but the phone won't start now?!!

  1. edenscully

    edenscully New Member

    Hi... i upgraded my firmware successfully using Odin.. and the upgrade available for Galaxy mini .. from froyo to gingerbread...
    Link2SD wasnt working n i wasnt getting any force move2sd app... so i decided to go back oto froyo.. loved froyo over gingerbread!
    Anyways i downloaded the arabic version from samfirmware.com flashed using TASS ops file and one package method... ODIN showed pass.. and then mounted to the 2nd COM port..
    the phone however didnt auto reboot... so i plugged usb cable off and tried to start the phone
    m not able to get download mode or recovery mode

    i tried plugging my phone back .. Odin detects my phone.. but the phone won't start or even get into download mode?
    can i flash the Provider Samsung S5570 Firmwares without the download mode but ODIN detecting the phone?

  2. dikpil

    dikpil New Member

    try flashing it with four files method pda, appboot, recovery, phone instead. gudluck....

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