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Downgrading from Jellybean to ICSSupport

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  1. psydex

    psydex Active Member

    I'm a newb so i asked many ppl on different forums and everyone is telling me different thing , so please guys help me out once and for all.

    I would like to downgrade from the leaked (glitchy) 4.1.2 to 4.0.3 (ICS).

    I used this leaked ROM from XDA in order to install JellyBean into my SGSII. The pack contains CODE ,MODEM , PIT etc. Thought someone else told me it's dangerous to tick "repartition" in ODIN so i didn't put tick while installing Jelly but i do placed the .pit file into it's place in ODIN. That's in short what i did.

    Now i want to downgrade back to ICS and wait for the official Jelly to be released. Though i'm experiencing some difficulties due to lack of knowledge. Should i install just the single .md5 official ICS ROM from samfirmware or i need a "chopped" one with all it's CODE, MODEM , PIT etc. ? Also do i need to mark repartition? (note i didn't marked it while upgrading) . Also do i have to wipe data and all these things i've never did before after downgrading?

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  2. visualdesine

    visualdesine Member

    did you manage to downgrade? as i am having same problem, my odin is just failing all the time, to be honest its a pain in the arse,

    i upgraded from ics 4.0.4 to this leaked version its laggy freeze etc...
    if you did manage can you give me instructions.

  3. psydex

    psydex Active Member

    Yes , Alan. I've managed to downgrade to 4.0.3 with a help from a friend. It's a little tricky but here's what you need to do. You'll have to use the ROM that comes in three (four) separate files ( I9100XXLPH.zip ) + the PIT file u1_02_20110310_emmc_EXT4.pit (note: both files are for Europe , you'll have to do research to find yours if you're outside Europe) and you set 'em up like this:


    After you flashed it by following the instructions above, download the official ROM for your country from SamFirmware - download it and flash it again as usual (by marking just PDA). After the second flash completes you're all done!!

    I'm experiencing a little lag after i downgraded but this could be bug with my ROM (not sure) , i did factory reset few times but that doesn't seem to fix the lag but it's okay , it's not that obvious. My battery life tho improved which i'm really happy with!

    Good luck, i hope i helped.
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  4. visualdesine

    visualdesine Member

    does it matter what version of odin i am using? as i am on odin 3.0.4
    hope this works,
  5. psydex

    psydex Active Member

    Well i'm using ODIN3. If you follow my instructions - it will be all fine.
  6. ironass

    ironass Well-Known Member

    WARNING! :ahhhhh:

    I would never recommend flashing a .PIT, (Partition Information Table), file under most circumstances as this can be dangerous and even seriously screw up your phone big style!

    In the normal course of flashing stock ROM's for the Galaxy S2, the .PIT file and repartition in Odin, should NOT be needed at all.

    I certainly would not recommend just Googling any .PIT file as unless you flash the correct one for your device and firmware you can be in big trouble and cause all sorts of problems, both now or in the future!

    Normally, to flash a stock firmware and indeed, most of the custom firmware's, is to download just one stock Samsung .tar file from SamMobile and go to PDA in Odin and load it and then connect your phone in Download mode and flash the firmware.

    For a step-by-step guide and video on flashing stock Rom's, see under, "My firmware is not eligible for ICS yet but I want it now!", in post #1, here.
  7. psydex

    psydex Active Member

    Same thing told me other forumers as well as the complete opposite , so ended up doing steps above and as you can see my phone is "live and healthy". Maybe the .pit is needed because the leaked 4.1.2 rom has one and the instructions said it should be used.:rolleyes: I agree it might be dangerous to play with PIT but in this case it's all good.
  8. visualdesine

    visualdesine Member

    ok so did you use these files you sent me to fix, the exact same files? and also, is your model the galaxy s2 i9100 international version, ? if so i think i will try this, as i have no other options,
  9. visualdesine

    visualdesine Member

    also forgot to mention, i dont know what variets the gs2 comes in, but mine is the 16 gb from tmobile in the uk, which i unlocked, well it was until i upgraded to the leaked version of jellybean, but luckily for me, i managed to get it unlocked again, using the galaxy s sim unlock, anyway, again i have gt i9100 galaxy s2. is this the same as your phone?
  10. psydex

    psydex Active Member

    Yes , mine is also Galaxy S2 GT-I9100 16 GB. As far as i know if it get locked after flashing it can be unlocked with a simple .apk , the most important thing is now for you to successfully downgrade. Good luck mate!
  11. visualdesine

    visualdesine Member

    ok just to be sure if i go into storage here, on my galaxy s2 i9100 running leaked version of jellybean this is what i see
    device memory 1.97bg
    applications 234
    available `1.71gb
    apps 13.78mb

    but at the bottom it has miscellaneous files.

    also i have noticed i cant really access my sd card, when i plug into pc, and then go to sd card, i get uknown icons, etc.... and it takes sometimes ages to access or sometimes not at all. so does this look like i have messed up the partition, or did jellybean do it. so do i need to use the pit file?
  12. ironass

    ironass Well-Known Member

    The, "leaked", stock, Samsung ROM on SamMobile does not have a separate .PIT file and the popular one on xda does not need it flashed either, as per the instructions, here.

    This may account for your problems with the Jelly Bean firmware and for your numerous problems on the xda forum where you were asked why you initially flashed a .PIT file, here and here.

    See also... here, here and here.

    It would appear that you are instructing people to make the same mistake as you! :confused:
  13. psydex

    psydex Active Member

    It's not Jelly's fault for slowpoke respond times. It's usually like that...
    Mine got a little faster , not sure if it's because i put USB debugging mode or because i reinstalled drivers.... Using the pit file is all your choice , i already told you what i did and my phone is okay! Also make sure you backup your stuff cuz you'll need to do factory reset.
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  14. ironass

    ironass Well-Known Member

    Jelly Bean is generally acknowledged to be the fastest and slickest firmware for the Galaxy S2 to date when flashed properly.

    It is not, "usually like that"!!!

    Do you honestly know what you are doing and saying as your post #1 here, and your posts on xda, indicate otherwise. :rolleyes:
  15. visualdesine

    visualdesine Member

    ok then, so i ask you, what is the best way to get back to ics? anyone know, as i am being told two different things here, do i flash this way, or not, if not, is there a safer way?
  16. psydex

    psydex Active Member

    It usually responds slow no mater what version of Android i'm using. Also i knew nothing until i did it myself - from that point i can proudly say "I DID IT MYSELF - EVERYTHING WENT WELL" and can give advices from my experience. It's all his choice to do it or not.

    Same here mate! Everyone was telling me different things until i grabbed my pants and did one of them. That one thing is the thing i explained above and luckly it worked.
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  17. visualdesine

    visualdesine Member

    if you check ur storage in settings, how much gb does it say you have at the top, because mine is 1.97gb, does this mean my pit is damaged? or wrong, as i think that would account for the fail in odin.
  18. psydex

    psydex Active Member

    Relax , it's 1.97 ;) Nothing's damaged
  19. ironass

    ironass Well-Known Member

    Perhaps you would be good enough to explain why, exactly, in your opinion,visualdesine needs to flash a .PIT file at all?
  20. visualdesine

    visualdesine Member

    so i tick repartition? as well as the pit file, is this ok to do, as after reading ironass comments, its dangerous and can screw up your cell/
  21. psydex

    psydex Active Member

    Because he'll be flashing with 3 files , not single .md5
    From what i've been told when flashing with 3 files - you need to use pit
    If you're using a single md5 rom , it's not needed.

    Or perhaps you have to stop argue with me and tell him what to do since you're more acknowledged !?

    When you place the pit file it will automatically tick repartition (see screenshot above).
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  22. visualdesine

    visualdesine Member

    well i think its because my partition is crazy, if you look at my storage etc... it is very very low, etc..... and i have tried flashing official roms, etc... 4/0.3 4.0,4 and odin just fails crazy stuff, and all because i flashed the leaked version, wont be doing this ever again.

    if i am correct, the repartition ticked formats your drive, then the pit file sets it up. i dont know if this is correct, but its logical
  23. visualdesine

    visualdesine Member

    and yes you are right when you use the pit, it does tick repartition. correct, i will do this later and let you know how i got on ok.
  24. ironass

    ironass Well-Known Member

    Both on the xda developers forum, here...

    and on Android Forums own thread, here...

    it instructs you NOT to use a .PIT file or re-partition

    I am not arguing with you. Far from it. I am trying to not let people make the same mistake you did initially and merely pointing out that flashing the .PIT file on the Jelly Bean leak was NOT needed and people were instructed to NOT to use it... which for some inexplicable reason, and against all advice, you did. Then, judging from your posts on xda and here, you encountered problems after the update to Jelly Bean.

    You may well have been advised to re-flash your .PIT file when it came to downgrading as you had previously flashed it, against instructions, in the Jelly Bean update and whoever was advising you was trying to put this right. However, in the normal course of events, flashing a .PIT file is NOT needed and can be very dangerous if you do not know what you are doing.

    Unless visualdesine has screwed up his Jelly Bean update by flashing a .PIT file, there should be no reason for him to flash it this time.

    I have already suggested the accepted way to flash firmware in post #6 of this thread.
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  25. visualdesine

    visualdesine Member

    well the one i downloaded does have a pit file, etc.. but i just noticed that it has two, one is 16gb and a 32gb, cant remember where i downloaded this from, but i think i must have flashed the wrong pit, maybe the 32gb. and i think that is my problem, so i guess i will have to flash the 16gb and hope for the best.

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