Downgrading gingerbread to froyo on htc ispire 4g

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    Jul 7, 2013
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    I have an HTC inspire 4g running gingerbread 2.3.5 and it runs a little slow. I am under the impression that downgrading may help speed it up. I want to try froyo 2.2 but have been having difficulties finding a download for it. I have backed up all my contacts and other important stuff. I have downloaded flashtool and htc sync with drivers. Also I have been considering rooting my phone and putting on a custom rom but I have heard that I may have to downgrade first. Any help on either of these options would be greatly appreciated

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    Moved your post here for proper help and support, Cheers !
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    Jul 5, 2013
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    I am just pasting an earlier post of mine from a different thread:

    I did notice a slight speed increase after flashing to CyanogenMod 10.1. I overclocked mine to 1920MHz stable.

    A ROM could be just what you need. Now, the only way to flash a new ROM is to root your phone, which erases everything except your sd card. If you can, make a whole-phone backup somehow. I recommend CyanogenMod 10.1, as it is the newest version, and completely stable. I will post the links asap.

    CyanogenMod is well worth flashing to your Inspire.
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    Welcome to the AndroidForums, braggerman :) and a little hello :)wavey:) to fellow Hoosier djyoder1 :).

    I've moved your thread over to the all-things-root area for you guys.

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    the inspire/DHD are easily downgraded with a simple main version change,and a gold card if youre downgrading to another carriers firmware. however... you do NOT want to downgrade to froyo if your inspire shipped with GB. if youre not sure,please,do not do it. there is something about the froyo hboot that really,REALLY,screws up these newer phones. recovery is difficult to impossible.

    again... do not follow any guides that downgrade your phone to froyo using a whole ruu that will change your hboot.

    what you can do is root,then run custom roms(froyo or GB,even ICS or JB based) that utilizes your current firmware.

    due to the difficulties of flashing custom roms with htcdevs bootloader unlock,id recomend to go forward from there,and set the phone to s-off and superCID. it will make your rom flashing much more enjoyable.

    use this guide:

    just holler if you have questions. :)
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