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Downgrading S2 I9100 to XXLSJ back!Support

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  1. insaf_mohd

    insaf_mohd Active Member

    Hello All,

    I am on the LATEST UHMS8 Android 4.1.2 (LATEST, FEB 26) on my S2 (came though all the official versions prior).

    Now all that I want is to, flash my S2 back to XXLSJ Android 4.1.2 (because no official JB performed close to XXLSJ in stability/battery endurance through my experience with it, even the latest one.period).

    I am all ready with the leaked XXLSJ Android 4.1.2 package and Odin,

    Please advise on

    1) Any issues there to downgrade to XXLSJ from official UHMS8?

    2) Any other precautions and is it a safe move?
    3) It's better to do a full data wipe prior TO re-flashing XXLSJ isn't it? How to do that?
    4) My UHMS8 is rooted with Siyah-s2-v6.0b4, I may lose root no worries, OTHER CONCERNS?

    I don't care my apps or anything, will care to reinstall them over again...all I need is the outstanidng performance offered by XXLSJ!!

    Waiting for an expert's word to BEGIN!


  2. kelis32

    kelis32 Well-Known Member


    There will be no issues going back to LSJ, i and a number of other people here have reverted back to that release.

    For a clean install you can try Hawkers scripts



    Go to recovery, Select Wipe data, Wipe cache
    Go to Advance and Select Wipe dalvik cache
    Go to Mounts and storage, select Format system

    Once you format system you will only be able to boot into recovery/download but this will clean more than data/factory reset

    You will lose root as stated but can reflash at any time

    also have a look here


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  3. insaf_mohd

    insaf_mohd Active Member

    I just did it bro, let me customize and make it MINE..

    I used the option 2 (typical recovery options :)
    Thanks a lot!
  4. where can I download LSJ?
  5. insaf_mohd

    insaf_mohd Active Member

  6. insaf_mohd

    insaf_mohd Active Member

  7. robgrune

    robgrune New Member

    cannot link to hotfile site. any other ftp sites? can you send me the file?

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