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  1. sfroknid

    sfroknid New Member

    dear friends
    I made an ebook and it work properly on my phone .after that i upload it on my site but when i download and open it ,this error comes : "parssing error in package".

    what should i do???

  2. AntimonyER

    AntimonyER AF Addict VIP Member

    Hello sfroknid! Welcome to AF! I merged your threads, as they were asking the same question, into the one in the Galaxy W forum. Thanks for understanding. :)

    Parsing error can mean that a file format change was not successful. Or something was translated incorrectly during the upload process. Have you tried uploading it again?
  3. RobboW

    RobboW Member

    I tried copying .apk files from my galaxy W (rooted), into my old nuvifone a50 (rooted), to install or run. This resulted in the parsing error and I couldn't do anything with them. I assume they are just not compatible with the other OS? I had hoped to use some newer widgets and apps to increase it's function and appearance.

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