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  1. Kaiser17

    Kaiser17 Well-Known Member

    Im pretty sure its possible long as it uses the same prl method. Just have to find programs that support it as well as a way to figure out how to change it. QPST should work for most.

  2. tiede

    tiede Well-Known Member

    And what if it bricks it?
    No nandroid backups or Odin to help
  3. Kaiser17

    Kaiser17 Well-Known Member

    That's why they shouldn't be doing it in the first place.
  4. ku55bo55

    ku55bo55 Member

    do you think it works on lg optimus m? because i got the galaxy indulge and i do got 3g signal on marietta ga and i wanna get my lil brother some 3g on his optimus too
  5. Kaiser17

    Kaiser17 Well-Known Member

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  6. philmiami

    philmiami Well-Known Member

    I am in Miami,FL (by FIU/Calle Ocho)
    I got a 2011 27" iMac with Windows7 Ultimate on a Bootcamp partition.
    So it's like I have a Win7 pc
    I tried downloading drivers for the USB connection for my Indulge and I get NOTHING showing up. Tried following several posts to find USB drivers and download and says installed but still............nothing.
    I download the QPST and followed the directions and there are no ports showing up. Just COM1/COM2
    So where would I get the USB drivers for the Indulge that can work on Win7 Ultimate?
    Anyone else have this problem?
    I want to update the PRL to 3024 on my Indulge and do it for my wife's Opti M. Both phones are rooted.
    :rolleyes: And that thread for doing the Opti M to PRL 3020/23/24,etc....that's NOT to informative. This on for the Indulge is pretty straight and to the point, and this person can complete sentence structure and not type in pre-teen speak....IMHO. That for the Opti M is hard to follow...
  7. Big Co. Jones

    Big Co. Jones Active Member

    pHILmiami I am having the same exact problem and im in Hialeah ... If by any chance you get to figure it out please let me know because i am stuck right now
  8. n4zty

    n4zty Well-Known Member

    buy a pc lmao...... well if your phone was rooted then that means somehow u managed to install drivers for ur phone the first time i dont see why u need to install drivers again.
  9. Kaiser17

    Kaiser17 Well-Known Member

    The new 3025.prl has been added to the first post :) Enjoy!
  10. dalastazn

    dalastazn Member

    Thank you, you are the Greatest Kaiser17.... any Roms you suggesting for the Samsung Indulge? R190

    If I can click "Thanks" more then one time, i do it a million!!! hahah
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  11. dongemus

    dongemus Well-Known Member

    For everyone running windows 7 and not being able to see your port on the add port screen, here is how I worked around it. I only saw COM1 and COM2 for my ports and neither was my phone. So I knew I had to find my port #, here is how...

    1) In the start menu go to Printers and Devices
    2) Right click on Samsung CDMA Technologies and go to properties
    3) Go to the hardware tab and stretch out the "name" column so you can see the whole thing
    4) Look for the one that says "SAMSUNG Mobile Modem Diagnostic Serial Port (WDM)(COM4)"

    ...well, mine was COM4 yours might not be. Now on the add new port screen enter that port and then continue as normal. It worked fine for me, have the new PRL now.

    I now see 3G with the LTE off Downtown and by Detroit Metro Airport.
  12. Kaiser17

    Kaiser17 Well-Known Member

    No problem and thanks :)

    As for ROMs I personally don't use one but if I did it would be the Basix ROM.
  13. k0nane

    k0nane Well-Known Member Developer

    OP, if you include the *228 instructions as well as the PST instructions, and keep this updated, it'd be a great sticky. ;)
  14. Kaiser17

    Kaiser17 Well-Known Member

    I always keep this thread updated ;)

    And yea I will include the *228 but I haven't done so because I dont think its important as only very few areas get the new PRL's when dialing *228 and 90% of the time it reverts people back to 3019.prl. I wonder when Metro will send out the new prls to every tower so we will no longer have to do it manually.
  15. Frisco

    Frisco =Luceat Lux Vestra= VIP Member

    Stickied the thread for you good folks here in the grand Indulge forum. ;)
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  16. k0nane

    k0nane Well-Known Member Developer

    Thank Frisco, everyone - he's been doing a lot of work in here, and putting up with my reports. :D
  17. Frisco

    Frisco =Luceat Lux Vestra= VIP Member

    Reportaholics Anonymous can help.. take that next important step!


  18. derrabe

    derrabe Well-Known Member

    Well I did finally see the elusive 3g icon today. I was on the north eastern side of detroit. It popped up stayed for a few minutes then gave me the 1x icon again.
  19. endrialb

    endrialb Member

    i am in brooklyn, New York and i know they have have 4g signal here, ive tried all the prl's, none of them have given me 3g on my rooted admire device :/
    and how do u dial **583385## to change the cdma setting? ive dialed that and its telling me 'check the number and dial again' sry im new here
    thnx for anything in advance :)
  20. Kaiser17

    Kaiser17 Well-Known Member

    This thread in this section is only for the Samsung Galaxy Indulge 4G. I suggest you go to the Samsung Admire forum for help with your phone.
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  21. WeaZeL8580

    WeaZeL8580 Member

    I live in Lehigh Acres FL, but work in the Ft. Myers FL area. I updated a while back to the 3023 PRL through the instructions in this thread. There is currently no 4G in my area although the people from the MetroPCS store claim that it will be here November 15th. Anyhow, I went to work this morning and noticed my 3G icon was lit up. I immediately ran a speed test and only got a max of 125kbps down and 58kbps up (definately NOT 3G speed). I then tried loading web sites in my browser, and to my amazement, they popped up in no time at all. I had already cleared my browsing cache, so I know that wasnt the reason. After work, I returned home to lehigh acres and my icon reverted back to 1x. I was under the impression that the indulge wouldnt recieve 3G unless I was in a 4G area, and the signal wasnt strong enough; it would drop down to 3G. I guess maybe they are testing 3G in the area and getting ready for 4G to go live in November. Whatever the case, it's nice to see progress finally being made in my area. Way to go Metro! :D
  22. Kaiser17

    Kaiser17 Well-Known Member

    If you dont have 4G in your area I suggest you turn off the 4G radio as it still stays on and searches for 4G networks. Just use the second guide I have right below the update instructions. It will save you some battery.
  23. Martykus

    Martykus Active Member

    By doing this, if I stay in 4G and as it happens, it drops to 1X, will drop to 3G?
  24. philmiami

    philmiami Well-Known Member

    Got phone rooted

    do not need to buy a pc a imac
    p r l installed
    so problem solved got everything done
    got p r l 3025 installed and I root
  25. Kaiser17

    Kaiser17 Well-Known Member

    Not sure exactly what you mean. If there is 3G in your area then yes it will use it just like 4G.

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