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download folder vs download iconSupport

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  1. Tencutty

    Tencutty Member

    If you click on my wife's download icon it comes up with "no downloads" but if you go into the actual download folder with a file viewer all the downloads are there. Anybody else having this occur? Can somebody verify there icon's function for me? Thanks

  2. Tencutty

    Tencutty Member

    Anybody?? Does your download icon actually take you to your downloads? Or just an empty folder that say no downloads?
  3. Tencutty

    Tencutty Member

    38 views and nobody can click their download
    icon and tell me what they see?? wow helpful place!
  4. androidfonefan

    androidfonefan Well-Known Member

    When I go in to my app menu and click on the downloads icon it takes me to a list of the downloads that I have so far.
    Have you tried doing a download of say a picture and then checking right away to see if the download shows immediately after it is done?
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  5. Tencutty

    Tencutty Member

    Hey thanks for the reply. Yes I have tried that. The funny thing is when I go to the download folder using Astro all the downloads are there. Or when I download say a pic from a web page it opens the download folder and downloads are there. Its only when I click the download icon that it comes up with "no downloads"
  6. androidfonefan

    androidfonefan Well-Known Member

    Has it done this from the very beginning?
    If not, then you may have software conflict going on.
    Often times removing the conflicting app even if you know what it is will not undo the damage. The best thing I can think to do if the tablet was not doing this when you bought it is to back up all your data to the SD card, remove the SD card and do a factory restore. Put your card back in and reinstall all your Apps.
  7. bbrider

    bbrider New Member

    I may be wrong here, but I think that shows what you are activily downloading, not what you downloaded. Try downloading an app and then while that is downloading click it to see if that download shows up.
  8. Sakky29

    Sakky29 New Member

    I'm having the same problem. My downloads don't show up when you click the green "Downloads" Icon in the app tray but they show up under the phone storage "/download" folder. @bbrider, i also checked with an active download and those don't show up either so I don't think its for active downloads.

    I just got my galaxy note so i'm pretty sure i haven't screwed up any settings. My previous phone (atrix) worked fine with the downloads folder.

    Anyone know what's going on? Much appreciated.
  9. wwinch

    wwinch New Member

    I've noticed the same thing. Just assumed the downloads icon was left over from some other app that had it's own downloads folder. But can't think of which it would be.

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