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  1. spidiracer

    spidiracer Member

    Thanks for looking at my thread. I could use some help troubleshooting some download issue's I have. I am running the latest CTMod ROM and Hyper 2.0. I've also tried using other ROMS with the same results.

    When I run the speed test ( my download speed usually will not even finish, but if it does it comes in at 30kbps or less. When my upload runs, i am at full speed.

    I have full signal strength and 3G.

    I cannot even navigate through the play store without getting connections errors. What can I try here? I need my download speed back! At this point its basically like I dont even have data.

    Any suggestions?

  2. phreak311

    phreak311 Well-Known Member

    Are you trying all these tests at your house on the same tower? Because in my experience with Sprint CDMA, your speeds will vary greatly from tower to tower. I had Sprint before I switched to Boost, and boost is pretty much the same thing although you don't have access to every single Sprint tower with Boost. And I always had a smartphone. I noticed that my speeds were OK at my house. About 150-200 kbps down via 3G. But at my friend Aaron's house my speeds were about 50kbps down. And the tower is down the street from his house. But he lives in town, and I don't. I'm assuming that the tower in town is more congested than the tower by my house because I live in a more country setting. But this is an observation. I thought maybe it might help you shed some light on the issue. You may also want to check the Sprint Vision map and see if they're doing any maintenance on any towers in your area. And have you flashed any scripts to your phone or messed with any hidden settings that may have caused this lack of speed? I hope you get it sorted out.
  3. spidiracer

    spidiracer Member


    thanks for your input! The speed is about the same no matter where i am at. Its been trying to download an update from the 'play store' for hours now. I sent an email to Sprint a week ago and they said there were no issue's in my area. When I say the speeds are slow... i mean pretty much unusable.

    I am afraid that I have messed up some hidden settings or something. I don't know how I did it. I have done a factory reset and tried several ROM's and my download speed is still atrocious. Are there settings that stay with the phone after formatting that could cause this?

    I did change my DNS to google several ROMS ago... I wonder if that could cause it? It worked just find with the google DNS servers at the time. I want my phone back! :(
  4. spidiracer

    spidiracer Member

    I'm running ics now... still no 3g download data. Need some ideas/help :)
  5. carracerz14

    carracerz14 Well-Known Member

    If you're worried if you messed something up you could always flash your original back up, or a stock sprint rom and see if it helps..
  6. spidiracer

    spidiracer Member

    I'm going back to stock unrooted form right now. If that does not work I will be back in touch with Sprint. I will let you know what happens! :)
  7. spidiracer

    spidiracer Member

    Completely back to stock... unrooted LG... I ran a on it.

    The first test timed out.

    The second test I got an amazing
    DL: 63 kbps
    UP: 536 kbps.

    Take that 56K dialup!

    I've done everything I can with Sprint on the phone. Time to go into the store...

    Oh, this is with 3G and full bars.
  8. spidiracer

    spidiracer Member

    For anyone following this,

    Took the phone into the Sprint store where they 'reset' it. Its actually worked and I had some normal speeds. Of course the stock roam is blarg so I flashed it back to CTMod. My DL speed is back to 56k area... Upload is still normal speeds (600k+)

    Whats going on? I am positive now that if i flip back to the stock ROM, my speeds will still be very slow. Are there some settings or something that I can be checking? I appreciate any help!
  9. spidiracer

    spidiracer Member

    Just ran another test and my speeds are normal... i changed nothing. I'm thinking its a hardware issue.
  10. tombob

    tombob Well-Known Member

    This could well just be Sprint's crappy data service. I went through a couple of months this summer when I was happy if my download speed hit 50. Fortunately, it has now improved so that I get 1200 to 1500 down. So your problem could just be Sprint service.

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