Download Manager consumes battery on Tattoo

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  1. sdriscoll999

    sdriscoll999 New Member

    Hello Forum!

    I'm new to Android having bought an HTC Tattoo on Vodafone over the last couple of weeks. I love the phone, powerful yet small but have started off with some bad experiences.

    The screen on my first phone became totally unresponsive after about 4 days. And now, the battery on the replacement is pants! I have tracked the cause down to being the download manager, if I force a stop on this the battery lasts a much more acceptable amount of time.

    So my question(s),
    1. has anyone else experienced the problem with Download Manager?
    2. Does anyone know how I can stop Download Manager from loading on startup?
    3. What does Download Manager actually do? The phone still functions normally even after I have stopped the service - I can even still download new apps
    4. Can I simply uninstall it?
    5. Is there an update to Download Manager which might fix the problem?

    Thanks in advance,


  2. PatD

    PatD Member

  3. finhex

    finhex Member

    I have tested stopping Download Manager and helps my battery life also... Anybody knows answer these questions 2-5?

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