Download Mode - Phone Not Recognized

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  1. wetherb67

    wetherb67 Well-Known Member

    First time newbie attempting to root my Droid Charge.

    Running Windows XP SP 3 on my laptop. Have downloaded Samsung drivers and all required stuff.

    However, when I boot it into download mode, can't get the computer to recognize it when I plug in USB cable. Keeps saying there is a problem.

    Any suggestions?

  2. wetherb67

    wetherb67 Well-Known Member

    Found my own solution....bad cable. As soon as I tried another one, it worked fine. :):):)
  3. Zynnis

    Zynnis Active Member

    Thanks for posting that, lol. I was trying to figure out the exact same thing... I've got like 1000 cables and i guess all of them aren't that great except for the one that came with the phone itself. Lol. I was starting to freak out!

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