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  1. Luke11

    Luke11 New Member

    Hello, a few days ago i left my Lg Optimus GT540 in my pants and my mum put my pants in the wash basket after she told me my pants are in the wash basket i went to get my phone only to find that it has fell out of my pants onto a wet towel. This caused it damage, and after getting most of the water of it, it keeps coming up with "download mode". I have no idea what this is and no idea of how to get it of. It wasn't on before it got damaged.

    Can anyone help with this problem??

    Thanks in advance, Luke.

  2. gazzz123

    gazzz123 Well-Known Member

    sounds like there moisture around the volume buttons put the phone in a bowl of rice for a day or 2 should help if it isnt already completly broke hope this helps ??
  3. skairdykat

    skairdykat Member

    Next time you should put your own pants in the washing basket ; )
  4. Luke11

    Luke11 New Member

    I will giving it a try, thanks.

    haha, yes i think i've learnt my lesson the hard way :rolleyes:

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