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Download music to my samsung moment

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  1. SJSAL13

    SJSAL13 New Member

    I have tried both itune and sprint media manager .(I had the samsung instinct before) . i need step by step instruction cuz lets face it whatever i'm doing is wrong so please help. :confused:

  2. kingleonidas

    kingleonidas Active Member

    what do you mean download music to your moment? put music into it? easy just connect the usb and mount the phone and drag and drop your music files in the root of your SD and thats it.
  3. globalninja

    globalninja Well-Known Member

    what he said, dont have to download anything

    Just mount the sd card, make a music folder, drag the music you want into the folder. DONE
  4. tbag1122

    tbag1122 Active Member

    The above statements are the best way.

    But if your trying to get new music try imusic from the market. If it's still around. Should of prolly checked before posting this but I don't have my phone on me at the moment.
  5. Podar

    Podar Active Member

    Ah... figured it out. pull down the notification bar...click on USB. Mount. Don't know how I missed it.

    Just Mount the SDcard? How do you do that? I'm information overloaded and am a NEWB. I plug my usb into computer...Says it needs to install device driver...fails to find driver...I power cycle the phone....fails to find driver...Debugging UN-checked....However, when I plug the phone in, E: usb device pops up on the XP explorer. When I click on it it says insert disk and doesn't let me view anything. Is the SDcard supposed to be Un-mounted?? The usb icon is on my Moment notification line. I'm rooted running ZE14.3, though I haven't figured out what and how to do anything with it.


  6. Howdy ya'll. I am new to android. I am one who was gonna go with iphone cause I was already an A T & T customer. But. My wife got tue moment from sprint and I dropped them like a bad habit. The freedom is just plain addictive.
  7. OneCraftySAHM

    OneCraftySAHM Active Member

    If you use iTunes like I do then download Double Twist...then seriously all you do is sync your iTunes with Double Twist while your phone is plugged in and your music goes straight on, playlists and all!
  8. jayla

    jayla New Member

    what exactly is double twist? because i use itunes and i'm clueless when it comes to technology
  9. pastafarian

    pastafarian P√Ętes avec votre foie Moderator

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