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  1. Dukefrukem

    Dukefrukem Active Member

    I did a search but couldn't find anyone having a similar problem.

    I downloaded an imagine off Google picasa, it was successful, I cleared it, now every day the icon will appear with the same file name only a different time. I clear it every time I see it and every day it reappears.

    Any ideas on why this happens?

    Thanks in advance

  2. BiGMERF

    BiGMERF Well-Known Member

    first off welcome.. have you tried deleting what you downloaded and see if that does it
  3. Dukefrukem

    Dukefrukem Active Member


    No I haven't, cuz I kinda want to keep the image. I'll delete it now to test it though.
  4. Dukefrukem

    Dukefrukem Active Member

    haha it's still showing up even after the picture has been deleted.
  5. Dukefrukem

    Dukefrukem Active Member

    came up again.... 12:56 PM
  6. gabe23

    gabe23 Member

    I had a new email notification that would never go away even though there was no new mail. I ended up powering off the Droid and pulling the battery for a few minutes. Once I brought it back up, I never saw the notification again.
  7. Mine does this too. It notifies me about a download that I completed days ago. It'll pop up every few minutes no matter how many times I clear it. And hard resetting the phone doesn't make a difference. This kind of glitch is ridiculous and unforgiveable.
  8. djthirst

    djthirst Member

    You have to clear the download within the browser app. :)
  9. Dukefrukem

    Dukefrukem Active Member

    huh? :confused:
  10. djthirst

    djthirst Member

    Open up the browser>Menu key>More>Downloads>Menu Key> then select "clear list" this should remove it from ur notifications.
  11. Dukefrukem

    Dukefrukem Active Member

    "my download history is empty"
  12. Yup, that didn't work
  13. paperchase4life

    paperchase4life New Member

    Before trashing the Droid for this problem starts, what I have noticed is that I had the same problem with another app I downloaded. What I found was that Panda Home was causing it. I uninstalled panda and installed the app. Then I reinstalled Panda. Problem never returned.

    Panda is still buggy. I still see some black screens.. Occasional force close with some apps. I have found that a phone reset every few days is needed with this app to keep thing running smooth. This is not a device issue.

    Keep in mind, even if you are not running Panda home, there may be another application causing this issue. I would uninstall the apps one at a time until the issue is resolved

    You'll have your answer then.
  14. Chulada

    Chulada New Member

    Touch the toolbar where the download notification is and drag it down, this will open a menu where you can "clear list" or the notification. Once your finished, touch at the bottom of the menu and drag up to close it.
    The notification should be gone. Enjoy.
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  15. asilver

    asilver Well-Known Member

    i have this problem whenever I receive multiple emails simultaneously the counter won't ever go down to 0....I downloaded a gmial inbox only link and even though the app is kinda terrible, it does show me the hidden emails that were causing the "new email" counter to stay at 1 or 2.

    with that information given, it would make me think that you had downloaded perhaps more then 1 item at a time or interrupted the download perhaps.

    this might have caused a glitch. Start going through every file that is associated with the download and open and close it.....eventually you'll find the one that's causing the phone to think it's unread.
  16. lzrarab

    lzrarab New Member

    Sportstap will give me a notification when one of my local teams is playing, but it will not go away when the game is over. Does anyone know how to make it disappear.
  17. bisbob

    bisbob New Member

    Had the same problem This was the answer that fixed it for me.
    Thank you.
  18. sharecar

    sharecar New Member

    Have the same problem..downloaded 4 pdf(s) at the same time.. Now one of them seems stuck in the notification bar ( galaxy tab 10.1)...PLEASE HELP???
  19. cb100

    cb100 New Member

    I have tried this but unlike the other "clear lists" this one is not highlighted hence it will not clear do you have another suggestion?
  20. mgogoi

    mgogoi New Member

    Well, I had the same problem as others. I'd downloaded some apps and a few docs. I'd deleted all of 'em and also cleared the download list. I believe I'd cleared the notification list at least a million times. But they'd still reappear. Everytime I'd start the Market app or the browser or maybe anything that uses internet, the notifications would appear.
    Finally, I went to Settings-> Manage Applications-> All-> and started clicking on each app and then clear data. However, the notifications wouldn't go until I went to Download Manager and clicked clear data.
    VOILA! Notifications gone for good. :D

    Click on thanks if this solved your query

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