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  1. xxRinn

    xxRinn New Member

    I uninstall some files thru ROM toolbox and forgot to back-up everything. I am not sure what specifically I deleted that it goes likes this:

    I can't download any apps and files on the internet. Wi-Fi is not a problem. I have an internet access (e.g. facebook, mail, Google, market,etc.)
    Every time I download something It says "Download unsuccessful".
    On Android Market, everytime i download an apps, The download button shows on the screen saying "Downloading.." and just vanished.
    I tried many solutions but nothing works (e.g. clear cache, clear data,reboot,unroot and so on.)

    I also tried to download the apps in my computer and transfer it to my phone.. but installer doesn't works.
    Unknown Resources is checked.
    "Before" I can install them. But now, if you click the application files nothing happen, nothing shows, nothing says. Other files shows "No application can perform this action".

    Any solutions? Please Help.

  2. akhazhu

    akhazhu Member

    ..i think...u may need to flash ur phone wit a new rom

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