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  1. captain008

    captain008 Well-Known Member

    For starters I have an Evo and its the best phone I've ever owned. Sadley I have one complaint slash problem. I can use the Market, email, and interet without issues. Just have one problem, how do you download files in the browser? Any time I try to I get a "Web page cannot load" error. I have the apps section turned on for outside programs and my sprint connection is good. This does this on the sprint network and on various wifi connections. Thanks in advance.

  2. jpeary

    jpeary Member

    what type of file are you trying to download. if it is a file not recognized by the phone it will give the error.

    1. Download Astro file manager (Like a windows explorer) it lets you browse the sdcard.

    2. open it up and press menu, then other or settings and you will see an option to allow the browser to download any files.
  3. captain008

    captain008 Well-Known Member

    First thanks Jpeary for the info and program recommendation.

    Ok I installed the Astro File Manager and enabled the Download any file type setting. When I go to download things now I get the download manager and the file either fails to connect or will idle attempting to connect.

    I am trying to download anything just to see if it works. I have attempted zip,rar, txt, pictures on pages, and anything that could be downloaded. I will say that I can browse the internet without issues and can see almost all the content (certain flash excluded). I posted this message and started the thread on the Evo.

    I am running stock Android 2.1 on the Evo and it is still stock with no hacks or roots.

    Please help! Again thanks in advance.
  4. captain008

    captain008 Well-Known Member

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