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  1. sillyrabbitt123

    sillyrabbitt123 Well-Known Member

    Hi All-

    Liking the xoom alot but still prefer my laptop to be really effective. however trying to do something for work. i am trying to download a pdf file from my webmail account. when i try it in the stock brower it fails, when i try it in Dolphin HD it crashes dolphin and when i go to try it in Opera there isnt any opera in market to try it with.

    anyone have any ideas on how to do this?



  2. Dream

    Dream Well-Known Member

    Hmmm I dont have any problems downloading PDF's. I just click the link to download, then go to the "download" icon located in your apps and there it is.
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  3. sillyrabbitt123

    sillyrabbitt123 Well-Known Member

    its a MS webmail site. OTA. On my droid Inc Dolphin allows me to dl the pdf but on the xoom dolphin crashes and the stock browser fails on the droid inc and the motorola xoom.

    arghhh not sure what to do. thanks.
  4. Dream

    Dream Well-Known Member

    Odd, I seem to think the stock browsers on both of those devices are fantastic. To each there own I guess...
  5. sillyrabbitt123

    sillyrabbitt123 Well-Known Member

    i tried a test I forwarded the pdf from the MS webmail site to gmail and it opens. but not sure how to get it to open direct from webmail.
  6. marctronixx

    marctronixx Moderator Moderator

    webmail. ddo you mean msn/live? if so i will do a test and see what i come up with. try skyfire or firefox as well.
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  7. sillyrabbitt123

    sillyrabbitt123 Well-Known Member

    Thanks for trying to help me.

    Webmail is Microsoft online version of my outlook mailbox.
  8. marctronixx

    marctronixx Moderator Moderator

    ooh you mean OWA? corporate mail?
  9. sillyrabbitt123

    sillyrabbitt123 Well-Known Member

    Yes that's what I mean.

  10. marctronixx

    marctronixx Moderator Moderator

    is it a problem with .pdfs only or any attachment?
  11. sillyrabbitt123

    sillyrabbitt123 Well-Known Member

    for some reason Dolphin crashes but I just download Dolphin mini and that works.
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  12. Anticitizen

    Anticitizen Member

    I've been using Firefox Mobile on the Xoom, and for the most part it's been pretty excellent.
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  13. sundevil87

    sundevil87 New Member

    Just got my Xoom a couple of weeks ago. Still going through the 70 page owners manual. Does anyone know how to open mutliple PDF's on the Xoom. I have several saved as lyric files and need to have as many as 5 opened at once and then be able to swipe to the next as we do our worship. Mahalo for any help or direction.:)

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