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  1. PedroK

    PedroK New Member

    Hi guys.

    Sorry if this thread topic has been done to death.

    I've recently come into some trouble with my Legend it seems. When trying to download apps from the market it alwas comes up "Download unsuccesful".

    I've tried just about every remedy I've found online so far. Signed into Talk no problem there, cleared caches and cleared data for google apps, cleared cache and data and rebooted market. No joy.

    Is there something I've missed here? Any help would be greatly appreciated as this is very frustrating.


  2. nanawills05

    nanawills05 New Member

    Hi! I have an android tablet and im having problems in downloading apps at the android market. It always says that download is unsuccesful. But im able to downlad at the app market. Ps help the apps i want is n ithe anroid market.

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