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Download Unsuccessful error :(Support

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  1. greaky

    greaky Member

    I have been getting the download unsuccessful error for the past few days..

    I even tried it on my home wifi .. any ideas ?


  2. esk02k

    esk02k Member

    I had this when i first got my phone. Im not sure what fixed it exactly but heres what i did : Restart the phone, I also phoned T-mobile just incase i had to register the phone to download apps. i used to get download unsuccessful when id just turned the phone on and after a few hours it would work again. Dont know if this helps
  3. nx1977

    nx1977 Well-Known Member

    Disable autoupdate time & date and set manually.
  4. punyv

    punyv Active Member

    Thanks! that was just what the doctor ordered!

    Download works!

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