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"Download was unsuccessful." - Android market (Prestigio Multipad)

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  1. skoko123

    skoko123 New Member

    I just bought a new tablet, Prestigio Multipad, creat google account, connected to Wifi and when I want to download something from Android Market it always says "Download was unsuccessful. Please try again."

    How to fix that, what's the problem? :(

    EDIT: I did factory reset, still the same problem. Can't download anything since bought it.

    EDIT2: It happened probably because I updated Firmware. I saw that some person had also the similar problem after upadating it, but that person wrote:
    "just reflashed to F7 rom then at the option i chose clear partition cache and also clear all user data etc,
    basically the phone booted as it came out of the box..."
    I do not understand a single word what that person wrote (flashed to f7 rom) so can somebody explain please!

  2. skoko123

    skoko123 New Member

    Bump. Answer please!

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