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Downloaded Apps won't show upSupport

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  1. gregandsteph

    gregandsteph New Member


    I have downloaded apps, but they won't show up in my list of apps. My wife did it the exact same way and hers show up in her list of apps. Why won't my apps show up in my app list?


  2. Super_Six_Two

    Super_Six_Two Well-Known Member

    Which list are they not showing up in? Under downloads in the market or in your app drawer?
  3. postitnote

    postitnote New Member

    I have this same problem. They don't appear when you touch the arrow on the main screen that pulls up all of your downloaded apps. I have not found a true fix for this, but I have found that I must go into the market, search for the app like I want to download it, then click the "open" button (as opposed to the "uninstall" button next to it).

    Currently, I think all of my apps appear, but the ones that have come and gone in the past (that I know of) are Angry Birds, CNN News, and Google Sky Map.

    This is one of a few issues I'm currently having with my Droid 2, which prompted me to take a look at this web site.

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