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Downloaded "Beats" audio installer, phone is now bricked. Help, please!Support

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  1. AGrayson84

    AGrayson84 Member

    Hey everyone, this is my third Android phone, but the first one I've ever rooted. I picked up my Motorola Razr Maxx HD not even 2 weeks ago and rooted it almost a week ago. I started with some simple apps for rooted phones, then downloaded the Beats audio installer from the Android market. I ran the installer then it asked to reboot. I rebooted immediately and once the phone powered down I noticed it wouldn't power back up.

    When this happened I was out at my parent's vacation home where there is no Internet, so I did the only thing I could think of and attempted the Vol+/Vol- and Power button and got myself to the special boot screen. I tried all of the options and all I get is the Motorola logo on my screen for a few seconds then a blank screen like as if the screen is off. If it matters, I also noticed that once the screens goes blank, the screen is still slightly lit. I happened to notice once I turned all the lights off in the house that the screen was extremely dimly lit.

    I've done some Google searching and that's how I came upon this forum, but so far I'm not finding anything helpful. I'm searching using keywords like "unbrick razr maxx" and so far I'm pretty much only finding videos on unrooting a working phone, or the instructions that I come across are referring to things I'm not familiar with.

    Can someone PLEASE walk me through getting this phone back up and running, and provide links to where to get whatever I might need? I'm hearing things like "Odin" or "download jkhnasdgmndsfjgafdgnafj.zip" and I have no idea where to find said file. Any help would be tremendously appreciated! Thanks in advance!


  2. Xelios

    Xelios Well-Known Member

    This is what you need: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1970267

    Matt's utility contains the fastboot and the root program. To get to fastboot on your phone, power it off. Hold volume and power up, and itll take you to a black and white screen. Hit AP fastboot, and that will set your phone in the proper mode. I've not used this utility yet so I can't give you step by steps, but it works and it's very popular.

    If you're familiar with RSD Lite or you cannot get this utility to work, I can show you that way. It's a bit more complicated but definitely doable.

    EDIT: If the download link doesnt work in the OP, try this one:
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  3. AGrayson84

    AGrayson84 Member

    Thanks so much for the reply!! I put my phone in AP Fastboot mode and ran Matt's utility from my computer. Everything seemed to copy over fine and the program stated that it finished successfully. This included a "userdata" wipe on the internal storage. The program said that my phone was now ready to power up but the phone still will not boot... it doesn't seem like it has any different/more of a progress than prior to installing the his utility.

    Any other suggestions??? Thanks again!
  4. AGrayson84

    AGrayson84 Member

    OK so I ran through the same exact steps again and all is well now :)

    Thanks so much for pointing this utility and info out to me!
  5. Dreamliner

    Dreamliner Well-Known Member

    I installed Beats Audio for some stupid reason on my original RAZR and it resulted in a mega battery drain and I couldn't uninstall it without a full wipe.

    Glad you got it sorted out!
  6. AGrayson84

    AGrayson84 Member

    Yeah I'm a little bit of an audiophile, so when I heard about installing the drivers with a rooted phone I was all-over it. What a pain in the a** trying to restore all the settings to my apps and such. Not sure if an app exists that saves all settings to your installed apps, but just spent an hour reconfiguring the settings after everything finally re-installed haha.

    Thanks though, and hope we both don't have to go through this again :)
  7. Xelios

    Xelios Well-Known Member

    Not a problem. Just be wary of using this utility when the Jelly Bean update comes around. I don't believe you can fastboot back to ICS on the official update, so you might brick your phone for sure if you try it on JB. Unless you install the latest leak, then it works which I can personally guarantee.
  8. AGrayson84

    AGrayson84 Member

    More great information! So you're just saying not to use Matt's utility once Jelly Bean gets pushed to my phone, right?

    Any links to the Jelly Bean leak for this phone? And will it cause any problems when future OS upgrades get pushed out? Thanks again!
  9. Xelios

    Xelios Well-Known Member

    Jelly bean leak and root method are here: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=2024423

    See here's the thing, I'm not completely sure if you can use that utility to get back to ICS on the official OTA. It seems this leak is pretty much the official OTA, but just leaked out a few days early. On the leak, the utility works. I just have no confirmation it will work if you take the OTA. Haven't heard anything about the root method working via the OTA though, but I also havent heard complaints that it didnt work. People generally talk more about the negatives so thats a good sign atleast.

    Not sure how the future upgrades work though. In all honesty, it might not be worth installing it unless you're okay with going back to ICS should you need to. I couldn't install this leak over the previous leak either. I guess we'll have to wait and see for the next patch or whatever to find out.
  10. AGrayson84

    AGrayson84 Member

    Thanks soooo much for the detailed info! I couldn't root my phone again after the issue, so Matt remoted into my computer, fixed that, and install Jelly Bean while he was at it. Everything seems to work great, and he said it can be done if needed. Thanks again for your help and have a great day!!
  11. Xelios

    Xelios Well-Known Member

    Oh ok, I didn't know that then. Glad you got it sorted, and no problem, its what forums are for haha.

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