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  1. JKNZ03

    JKNZ03 New Member


    I bought some books from and I removed the drm and then used Calibre to transfer them to epub. I tried to put them on my Archos to read in Aldiko and it says that "no books are found." I put them on my sd card. What are the steps to get books on there? What could I be doing wrong? Also, what is the best place to buy books for my Archos?


  2. remkovdmijde

    remkovdmijde New Member

    If its a pdf file you can open it with adobe reader (downloadable on appslib)
  3. Joan Beighton

    Joan Beighton New Member

    Hi, it looks like you guys know about books on the Archos. I have just purchased one (was recommended by the store rep) and my main use is for reading books. It has Aldiko but cant see books i like and in US $ rather than GB

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