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  1. lazylilninja

    lazylilninja Member

    Brand new S4, barely anything on it yet and have a 32gig extsd. My phone says there is not enough storage and apps may not run properly. Looking at my storage, it says I have 7.7gigs used for 'downloaded files from the Internet'. When I select that tab, there's nothing there. How can I find these files delete or thin them out?! I've searched everywhere!


  2. bobolinko

    bobolinko Well-Known Member

    Try opening "My Files" (yellow manila folder icon)
    navigate to Device storage
    Scroll through the folders and look for Download
    open it and check what's in there that you downloaded and can get rid of......

    To delete a file, longpress on it and select the Delete option, or if there are a lot you want to remove, tap on the checkbox on the left side of the filename and when you're done selecting, tap the trashcan on the top right...
    They'll be deleted for you pronto!
    Good luck and Aloha!
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  3. lazylilninja

    lazylilninja Member

    Thank you! That worked brilliantly and now I know :)
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