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  1. royompiscus

    royompiscus New Member

    I downloaded the app Music Flower, first of all. I downloaded a few songs then went to my music library, hit shuffle, and now the only songs that will play are the songs downloaded with Music Flower. The rest of my music (bought and paid for) will not play.
    When i try to play them, the marker is at the end of the song, and the song time goes to say-:-- . The player then reverts back to a list view.

  2. narayanan9190

    narayanan9190 Well-Known Member

    i had this problem with my winamp....i use another app to play songs at that moment and come back to the app after sometime
  3. royompiscus

    royompiscus New Member

    I tried turning the phone off and on and also downloaded winamp, but they wont play there either.
  4. royompiscus

    royompiscus New Member

    I contacted Music Flower and he said the app doesnt touch the media player. Gonna call Verizon.

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