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Downloading apps through mobile data very slowSupport

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  1. TriumphLance

    TriumphLance Well-Known Member

    So on my previous two phones I had with virgin mobile apps would download easily and quickly through 3g on Google play. But for some reason with this phone when I try downloading an app.. It starts, both upload and download bars show activity. Then once it shows it's started, it gets to like 5 KB if data and then stops. Both of the upload/download bars stop sorting activity. Then they occasionally blink and the download is incredibly slow. Any clue what would cause this? It happens even if I'm in a good area. On 3g or 4g.

  2. TriumphLance

    TriumphLance Well-Known Member

    If no one else has experienced this problem I'm thinking maybe I have a defective phone it's just not good. I pay for unlimited data and it seems like it's being shut off when I try downloading apps..
  3. HallOfPromise

    HallOfPromise Well-Known Member

    Have you cleared the Google Play data to see if that helped?
  4. aml1025

    aml1025 Well-Known Member

    The Play Store may be having trouble - my husband factory reset his phone today, and had the same kinds if problems trying to download apps. Restarting the phone seemed to help a bit.
  5. JerryScript

    JerryScript Well-Known Member

    If clearing the Play Store's data and/or factory resetting doesn't work, try calling customer service and after explaining your issue, try to get them to re-provision (re-activate) your phone. They will have you enter a number on your dial pad which will open hidden menus, and will walk you through the steps to re-activate.

    BTW- If you do this, please post the number to the hidden menu if they give you one to use. We may already know all the numbers, but you never know, they may have you use an unknown one that could help someone out! ;)
  6. aml1025

    aml1025 Well-Known Member

    I have been through "reprogramming" my Victory what seems like half a million times this past week; the code for that is ##72786#.
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  7. HallOfPromise

    HallOfPromise Well-Known Member

    Does reprogramming the phone include a factory reset? The last time I did this was years ago when I had the Optimus V and I don't remember what followed.

    Oh, and let us know if this helps. I am sure many are or may have this same problem.
  8. aml1025

    aml1025 Well-Known Member

    No, reprogramming only reconnects the phone to the network, goes through a profile/PRL update, and checks for a firmware update. Depending on the problem, it *can* help - and never hurts to try.
  9. nsuchy2013

    nsuchy2013 Well-Known Member

    Their social support is wonderful somewhat slower than a phone call but far easier to deal with. Tell me how it goes. Usually updating PRL/Profile then airplane mode on then off fixs the store for me :)
  10. Chiral

    Chiral Well-Known Member

    You can update the PRL & profile in settings-> system update.

    No need for special menus.
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  11. amaranthine

    amaranthine Well-Known Member

    Thanks for that code, I was looking for something to remove my VM phone number in a defective Victory (that is being sent back to VM) and that did the trick!
  12. TriumphLance

    TriumphLance Well-Known Member

    Well thanks I didn't know you could do this.
  13. JerryScript

    JerryScript Well-Known Member

    BTW- I usually get pretty decent 3G, but the past few days it's been horrifying how slow it's been, dial up seems like a speed freak! However, I have also been getting 4GLTE every now and then, which has not been available in Vegas. This tells me the probable reason for the slow 3G right now is the fact they are upgrading equipment to the new 4GLTE standard. I can suffer through a few weeks of slow 3G if it means 4G is on it's way!

    4GLTE rocks, I get better than my cable modem on the speed test app when 4G is available!
  14. HallOfPromise

    HallOfPromise Well-Known Member

    How's the Strip? I'll be making my second visit this year early Sept and I'm hoping to see a little 4G here and there. :)

    I know the locals seldomly visit the Strip but I figure it won't hurt to ask.
  15. kwknott

    kwknott Well-Known Member Developer

    I agree, 4g is quick. I connected my Victory to my work WiFi last week to reinstall some apps only to disconnect and download them with 4g.
  16. JerryScript

    JerryScript Well-Known Member

    (emphasis added above)

    I haven't been to the strip since I got my Victory. I have seen the 4G icon around Lake Mead and Rainbow, and Summerlin Pkwy and Buffalo. I would think odds are pretty good they will have the strip up and running by Sept if I'm seeing it out here already.

    Here's the results I've gotten when I've seen the 4G icon and run the SpeedTest app, they are the top three results, next three are WiFi, final one is 3G:
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  17. Chiral

    Chiral Well-Known Member

    I thought I liked you Jerry. Maybe we could have been friends.

    10-50kbps on 3g here, jerk.

    Edit after like: to be fair, I think my optimus V is just resentful after piping 25+gb as a hotspot to the victory. Still havent activated it. Maybe wiping the cache&dalvik on the optimus will help. Was getting 50-150kbps until 5 days ago. Maybe thr local towers are going 4G *crossed fingers*
  18. TriumphLance

    TriumphLance Well-Known Member

    Im still having this issue and it's super annoying. It's only with the play store every other location on my phone the data works and is fast. Once I start downloading an app in the store the upload and download arrows both light up and show activity, but then they turn off and only light back up every ten seconds or so..the download goes extremely slow as if it's just nonchalantly downloading the app..
  19. stacld87

    stacld87 New Member

    I bought a galaxy victory for vm yesterday, after shattering the screen on my optimus elite. The optimus never had issues with 3g but the victory is unbearable to use. I have been browing forums for this issue but there doesnt seem to be a proven fix yet.

    A few things have caught my attention and I want to post them here in case they are relevant with this issue.

    First is the device administrators. I have messed with a ton of android phones and this is the first one that has any device admins. I always thought it had something to with google apps for biz, but this phone has 3 different admins and I am not a google apps business user. The admins are android device admin, samsung dm, and sprint (I have virgin mobile). Would this maybe have something to do with slow 3g speeds?

    I also noticed my MIN is in a different area code as me and it is not my number. I may be wrong but isnt the MIN supposed to be your phone number?

    Last one is the mobile connection settings. It had 4gLTE/CDMA activated and it was always switching between 4g and 3g, even if I was standing in the same spot, so I checked CDMA and it doesn't disconnect anymore but I still get slow speeds. Would the 4g radio channel cause any issues? It says im on 4g/14(when in lte/cdma mode), I'm guessing 14 is the channel?

    I dont know if this helps to solve the problem but my cheaper androids never had this issue. :confused:
  20. HallOfPromise

    HallOfPromise Well-Known Member

    Try updating your PRL and Profile in your settings and see if that helps any.

    If none of the "normal" stuff works to fix your problem it would be reason to call and get a replacement phone from Virgin Mobile. I have already done so for another problem and I am glad I did.

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