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  1. anim.mina

    anim.mina New Member This Topic's Starter

    Nov 17, 2010
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    Hi guys,

    can you help download attachments in original web browser on desire HD ?
    I tried normal browser, dolphin and opera.. and none of these was capable of downloading or opening PDF attachment.

    So i downloaded Astro downloader (I set - enable downloading all extensions in web browser - in settings) and still can't download.. only blank page opens in the next window..

    Only solution I found was to download firefox and when I want to download something in original browser, I click on the link and set it to open in Firefox! Only firefox has no problems opening attachment, but he doesn't have flash suppost :-/

    Can somebody help me ? What am I doing wrong with the astro downloader ?

    also I came across HTCsense problem, I registred via my Desire HD and wifi, on the website htcsense.com everything seems to be functioning BUT location won't work.. It says I have to enable this option in my phone but I have already did that.. and nothing changed.. what should I do ?

    Thank you guys


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