Downloading emails with Moto G 4GGeneral

  1. MrBeee

    MrBeee New Member

    Hi, have recently got a Moto G 4G, my first experience of Android having been on iPhone since the 3G model.

    One thing I ant figure out is how to download emails just when I want to. Yes, I can tell it to sync every 5/30/60 mins etc. but can you not set it to work like the iPhone does?

    i.e. pull in and download emails when (and only when) I open my emails? I find if its set to sync every ??minutes, it ONLY downloads emails at that time. So even if I open my email to check it, it won't download any more until it gets to the specific sync time it is set to. This is not any gmail thing if that matters, its to download mail to my usual btinternet email address.

    Not only do I want to be able to check and receive emails possibly before the next scheduled sync time, I don't necessarily want it to be downloading emails over my data connection all the time. But with sync turned to 'never' even if I open the email app, it won't download mail unless i set a sync time on it.

    Please help, is there settings to make it work like I want it to??

  2. UKCatFan

    UKCatFan Well-Known Member

    There are many different email apps that all act differently. Maybe you should check some of the other ones to see if they meet your needs. Some I have used over the years are K9 and SolMail.
  3. alfick3

    alfick3 Well-Known Member

    One thing that is really neat about Gmail, is that when you open it, and then you swipe down it'll refresh and look for new mail; this way if you're in the middle of that automatic time frame, you can just manually check.

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