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  1. javierdl

    javierdl Member

    Hi all,

    I have a Panache, and I'm running Android 2.3.
    I have attempted 3 other downloads, and it really doesn't matter what I attempt to download, it freezes halfway .
    The files to download can vary in type. Whether it's an app to see the local theater movies (Cineplex), or to see the products from a local hardware store (Canadian Tire), or even the update of my Password Manager (mSecure).
    The only way I can get out of the freeze is by removing the battery, putting it back after 5 mins, reboot, and make sure I'm not running the WiFi anymore.

    At the time of the last download attempt I had somewhat above 100Mb in the SD card. I made more space afterwards, above 500Mb.

    Any ideas?


  2. javierdl

    javierdl Member

    Mike W from the HTC forums was kind enough to provide what seems to be the best answer:

    Mike W

    Hey @JDL!
    That certainly isn’t something we want you to have to deal with, so try some of these steps to try and fix that problem with downloads freezing your Panache.
    Follow this link to see the instructions at the HTC forums

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