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    May 31, 2010
    Boise, ID
    not sure if this has been addressed in other threads but here it goes
    Ive been having a hard time getting music wizard to work like i can search songs just fine and preview them but when i try to download a song i get this "Error:/null/40oz to freedom[Sublime].mp3.tmp". ive tried other songs and same thing just different song title in the error. I have a 4 gig sd card in there right now and nothing is mounted so why do i keep getting this error? Is it a program bug? Also if there is a better free music downloading app that you prefer i would like to hear about it and what the pros are


    odd i guess i had an older version or something i uninstalled found it on the market and tried again now it works, even has lyrics now too awesome

    but i still would like to hear about your guys music downloader app if you care to share :)


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