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Downloading to the LG GT540 from my computer...Support

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  1. ray316

    ray316 Active Member

    It's not as if l've not tried before putting a thread up on here, so what am l doing wrong:confused:..
    l got no software disc when l bought the LG GT540 last week so l presume it's not needed:confused:.
    So anyway l got the usb cable for the phone and connected it to the computer and nothing.. :(
    Is there something l need to do on the phone..
    Is there a software l need to download from LG, if there is can someone tell me where to look and what to do to download..

    Also l have downloaded a few games from market and they are on the app menu at the bottom, is there anyway l can get them into the games folder and when l download more games make them go straight into games...

    Thanks for replys in advance

  2. ray316

    ray316 Active Member

    Could do with some help on this chaps........:(
  3. Rooferkev

    Rooferkev Well-Known Member

    LG PC suite should be in the SD card, use open office or a file manager to find it, if you still can't find it look on the LG website for it. Alternatively just tick mass storage in your phone settings and you will be able to put things from PC to phone
  4. ray316

    ray316 Active Member

    l have a SD card in the phone but how/where do l get to open office or a file manager to find LG PC SUITE..
    If it's not there you say l can look it up on the LG Website, what do l look for or can l download any LG PC Suite:confused:..
  5. Djolle

    Djolle Well-Known Member

    Hi there... this is your 1st android phone, right?

    First you must enable MASS STORAGE ONLY option in the phone settings, then when you connect your phone with pc you must go to yor phone notification bar and YOU MUST mount your SD card (this way your computer see card as mass storage device). ;)

    Anyway, here is LG PC SUITE IV for you! :D

  6. ray316

    ray316 Active Member

    Yes this my first android phone:eek:..
    Anyway l have found mass storage only in settings and ticked it, l have then connected the phone to pc with usb cable....
    Now this is where l've come stuck:eek:, you say go to the phone notification bar(wheres this) and YOU MUST mount the SD Card...
    Can you tell me how to do this part so the computer see's the card as mass storage.. Thanks
  7. Djolle

    Djolle Well-Known Member

    Oh well... :D Notification bar is white stripe on top of screen, you can pull it down with your finger or press menu button then choose notifications. :)

    From there... you will be fine! ;)

    Cheers, glad to help.
  8. ray316

    ray316 Active Member

    Hi djolle l have put LG PC SUITE IV on the computer l just need to set it up now.l need to register ,
    Is it free.
    It says it only supports some phones and l do not think mine is one, so can l still use it..
    Also it says you need to sync computer with phone:confused: is this easy to do.
  9. Djolle

    Djolle Well-Known Member

    You need LG PC Suite IV installed only because of drivers for the phone, if you need to flash the firmware to phone. Use as mass storage and it will be fine... of course, only if you need backup your data than you need pc suite.

    For me, I use google account for backup things and my sd card along with astro file manager. ;)

    Ah... yes, pc suite is free.
  10. ray316

    ray316 Active Member

    First you must enable MASS STORAGE ONLY option in the phone settings, then when you connect your phone with pc you must go to yor phone notification bar and YOU MUST mount your SD card (this way your computer see card as mass storage device). ;)

    Cheers![/QUOTE]Djolle l have tried to get photos off the computer using this method above, l enabled (ticked) MASS STORAGE. Then connected the phone to the computer and went to notification and mount the SD CARD.
    The computer came up with a list for what you want to do, but l do not know which one to click on and how to get photos etc onto my phone and from phone to computer...
    Can you or someone on here explain in detail how l go about this....
  11. dumby

    dumby New Member

    I must have thick fingers, did never realize that one can actually press on this bar. I was messing around with LG PC suite for hours and could not get it to do something usefull! Why is your post and mindful step by step "howto connect a phone to a PC" (like any other USB device) not on a Manual or at least in an online help ??

    Tanks any way, it helped me a lot to do something meaningfull with my new Smart Phone!

    Do you by the way know an equally obviouse option to download Android Apps by using a regular PC and Highspeed internet connection rather than the Phones slow and costly download over 3G?
  12. Nirob

    Nirob Well-Known Member

    Google Search, search for _'App name' apk_
  13. Mr User

    Mr User Well-Known Member

    If you dont use PC Suite, you'll need a Driver for LG GT540. Try looking it here LG Product Support for GT540
    the software's actually designed to upgrade LG GT540 to Android 2.1, but to many people it doesn't work. But at least it downloads LG Driver. It also download LG PC Suite so u might wanna cancel that.
    If the software doesn't work just google it up :)
  14. Mr User

    Mr User Well-Known Member

    as for the connection thing, there are ways for that as far as i know but i dont know how, will have to look it up :)
    just disable background data, 3g networks, enable Wi-Fi and go to Starbucks :D and ull get free internet. then go to the market and install whatever apps you want.

    Also, it is possible to download apps to ur pc then copy into ur phone, but the app has to be .apk, which means its hard to find online, and on the market its all .apk's
  15. lavan krissh

    lavan krissh New Member

    hi!!!everyone i'm new to this forum and i've got a query....hope any of you friends will answer....i bought a gt540 about three days back and i accidentally formatted the sd card and hence lost all contents including the pc suite...what should i do now??this is my first android phone so i'm feeling very tensed....somebody help me....pls...
  16. Nirob

    Nirob Well-Known Member

    Download... Check previous threads for link...
  17. Siddharth Garg

    Siddharth Garg New Member

    Hi.. you said that it is possible to copy apps to phone through pc. i had downloaded '.apk' file and copied it to sd card, but still i am not able to see the copied setup in the phone. Please help!
  18. Paritosh

    Paritosh New Member

    download "Apps installer" from the market and u'll see all the apk files saved in your sd card. Just click on it to install the apps.
  19. asif khan

    asif khan New Member

    hi guys i hav also a version of android 2.1 updated success fully bt i hav the sam problem wen i reset the factory setting...........after this my android market doesn't work its very problem for me i cant download any thng frm my app store and also frm laptop.... nothing is working most of the apps are not opening

    please help to get my app back......
  20. asif khan

    asif khan New Member

    bt my frend if market not working thn how u could download the "app installer" plzz help to solve my problem

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