Downside to purchasing through Wirefly?

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  1. Camslam

    Camslam Well-Known Member

    I don't think you can buy the phone out of contract with them based on their business model.

    Based on the above post there are only 5 states that will charge sales tax, but I would recommend PM'ing the "wirefly" guy to find out, or just call their customer service line.

    Good luck, given it's Kalifornia, I can't imagine they would pass up an opportunity to grab some more of people's dough. ;)

  2. capthr

    capthr Well-Known Member

    HTC Shop America sold the HD2 for $99 and the Inc. for $149 both at launch hoping they sell the EVO for $99.
  3. Quakerwildcat

    Quakerwildcat Well-Known Member

    No sales tax for California.
  4. K4KAI

    K4KAI Well-Known Member

    I purchased my HERO through Wirefly. I wish I hadn't because:
    1. They promised next day shipping, but when I ordered, they stated it was out of stock. It arrived a couple of days late.
    2. In the documentation that accompanies the phone, they state that if you cancel or even change the Phone # your new HERO is associated with within 6 months, there will be a $300 charge, over and above what you paid. Now, I only read this after taking the new HERO out of the box before I read the paperwork. I called their Customer Service and asked if I could move a different number (I have a Family Everything Data Plan with 3 active lines) on my account to the HERO without incurring the $300 fee. They told me that if I cancel the account, change the number, even to a different number on the same account or if I downgrade my account in any way, I will incur that fee.

    On item #1 above, okay...even though I paid extra $$ to get it overnight, they were out of stock. Maybe it couldn't have been helped, but they should have refunded the overnight shipping charge. They didn't.

    On item #2 above, I really like my HERO, but on occasion, when I need to attend an event, I like the option to move my primary cell phone number from my HERO to my Blackberry, which I used to do before I got the HERO.

    As a result of this, I have relegated all WIREFLY email I receive to JUNKMAIL status. I will just use ebay in the future. The phone sellers there have NEVER, EVER let me down.

    Whatever you decided to do, I wish you luck. I am confident you will love your new EVO.
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  5. BrianFX

    BrianFX Well-Known Member

    This could be a potential dealbreaker for me as I'm in need of transferring my phone number after the account is created (creating a new family plan and porting my SERO account to someone else).
  6. maximus96

    maximus96 Well-Known Member

    The Bing cash back, is it $50 per phone? If I buy two EVOs on a 2-line family plan, do i get $100 back? thanks

    sorry never mind, just read that it is PER phone
  7. Wirefly1

    Wirefly1 Active Member

    K4KAI- I’m sorry to hear about your experience. We should at a minimum have credited you for your shipping fee. If you send me your order # via PM, I would like to look it up to find out what happened and try to make things right.

    As for the equipment discount provision, this is a much-misunderstood part of buying from an authorized retailer. When you purchase your phone from an authorized retailer such as Wirefly, you are getting an extra subsidy (discount) on the phone price. This discount is made possible because the carriers (Verizon Wireless, AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, etc.) pay Wirefly a commission when you sign a contract and keep that account in good standing for at least 180 days.

    It's a win-win for you, the customer, and for us, the retailer, except for one problem. People could try to "game" this system when the phone’s value is higher than the carrier’s ETF. That's why authorized retailers including RadioShack, BestBuy, WalMart, Amazon, Wirefly and others have an additional provision in the contract when you order through them. The provision calls for the retailer to recover the entire discounted phone price if the carrier reports to us that you deactivated your service during the first six months of the contract. At Wirefly, we disclose this very prominently through the checkout process, and ask customers to agree to this as a separate step from the carrier terms.

    One might assume that moving equipment from one phone number to another wouldn’t cause the carrier to report a deactivation, but sometimes it does, particularly when rate plan types and data features are changed. That’s why this item is listed in our terms. Rest assured that if the carrier reports to us that somebody deactivated, the first thing we do is contact the customer to verify that it’s true! We would much rather we correct a carrier mistake than charge a fee to our customers.
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  8. maximus96

    maximus96 Well-Known Member

    This additional provision in the contract only kicks in from the 31th day to the 6th month right? as i understand it, I can return the phone to wirefly and cancel with sprint service within 30 days without incurring any penalties.

    If i purchase two EVO's from wirefly on a new sprint family plan contract, can i port over my two numbers from AT&T at a later date, after activation but within the 30 days? or will this incur the penalty from wirefly, or amazon, or bestbuy, ect?
  9. stealthie

    stealthie Active Member

    Has anyone ordered from Wirefly and had a problem with having to select a service? I have an everything data plan, but when I went to buy the Hero it said I had to choose a $15 or $25 a month service that included things I already have in my everything data plan and had to keep it for 6 months. I couldn't find a way around it, so I just never got the phone.

    But now that I want the Evo I would like to find out if there is a way around that charge since I already have the services. I believe it's a $300 fee if you cancel early.
  10. Camslam

    Camslam Well-Known Member

    I have noticed in the past when I looked at upgrading my phone on Verizon that for whatever reason, I was unable to select certain plans on Wirefly versus Verizon's website.

    I think my plan is to purchase the EVO on Wirefly if the price is at $149 for the phone, select the best plan that I can, then call Sprint Customer Service to get my plan changed to the SERO discount or use a discount (12%) my wife has through her company. But the SERO plan price is tough to beat.

    To answer my original question that prompted this thread, the only downside to going with Wirefly is if something goes wrong with the phone in the first 30 days. Then I HAVE to ship my phone back to them and wait for the resolution. They provide the return shipping and everything, but I don't really want to miss out on my phone for a week or longer.

    But that is the only downside I can think of. If you can get the phone for effectively $99 (Based on a $149 list price like the Incredible - $50 bing cashback, with no activation fee if available at that time), and then call Sprint to fix your plan to whatever you would like it to be, plus I'm probably going to add the Sprint TEP plan ($7 per month), so that if anything does happen to the phone I can take it to Sprint to have it fixed or replaced after 30 days.

    I don't know, still seems like Wirefly is a pretty good option to me, but we'll see. I'll be curious to see what other deals pop up as the release gets closer.
  11. maximus96

    maximus96 Well-Known Member

    i thought once you pick a plan with wirefly, or amazon, you're locked in that plan for 6 months otherwise the retailers will charge you a fee. so you can't go and immediately switch it to a sero plan after buying from wirefly using a "normal" plan...
  12. Camslam

    Camslam Well-Known Member

    This is from Wirefly's site: It is only if you go to a lower cost plan, which in this case the SERO would be. :(

    Doesn't look like you can port your number over from another carrier either. So you have to buy the phone, sign up for the service, AND get a new number with it, if I'm reading things correctly. :(
  13. maximus96

    maximus96 Well-Known Member

    the "Transfer/port an existing phone number from another account if this is a new line of service", does it count if i port an existing number from another carrier, like AT&T? i'd hate for them to port my number when they ship, then our iphones will be dead for the duration of the shipping, maybe a week or whatever...any ways around this?
  14. jackbean

    jackbean Member

    Preorder at HTC Shop America is $199.

    HTC Shop America
  15. Android 17

    Android 17 Well-Known Member

    It's interesting that their own store describes the screen as an OLED.

    Geez, HTC, you made the phone yourself and you can't such an important detail right?? :p

    Edit: They don't seem to charge tax either which is a plus, but you still pay an activation fee.
  16. NSXLA

    NSXLA Well-Known Member

    I dare order anything from this site.

    Overall Customer Satisfaction Rating

    Six-Month Rating: 3.50 / 10

    Six-Month Reviews: 10
    Lifetime Reviews: 328

    Lifetime Rating: 4.08 / 10 All Stores Avg.: 7.94
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  17. Wirefly1

    Wirefly1 Active Member

    This can happen for two reasons: Either the carrier does not compensate Wirefly for activating certain rate plans (like Sprint SERO), or the carrier requires that device to have one of the newer data features. This is unfortunately common with the newer smartphones, and will certainly be true for the EVO and other 4G phones.

    As others have pointed out, you can’t purchase from Wirefly and then immediately switch to a lower-priced rate plan that was not available. You CAN order from Wirefly and still get any corporate discount that you had on your Sprint account.
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  18. Wirefly1

    Wirefly1 Active Member

    Wirefly will arrange the porting of your number from AT&T. You simply provide your AT&T account number and phone number after you select your phone and plan. We initiate the port request based on the shipping receipt date, to give you time to receive and charge your new phone.
  19. Wirefly1

    Wirefly1 Active Member

    Regarding Resellerratings, we recently joined their merchant program so that we can follow up with the issues that have been raised there, and get more of our very satisfied customers to share their experience. We are not perfect, but the # of recent reviews posted represent approximately one-thousanth of 1% of our customers. 95% of the reviews are from 2007 and earlier, when Wirefly was owned by a different company. We definitely have some work to do there!

    For all who are considering the EVO, it is worth noting that the EVO will not work with Sprint SERO plans. In fact, the EVO will require an additional Sprint 4G add-on data feature costing $10/month.
  20. viggs74

    viggs74 Active Member

    Hi Wirefly,
    I am a current Sprint cutomer who is out of contract. I often see on your website that there is a price difference between new customers and upgrades. Will that be the case with the EVO?
    I ask because according to Best Buy, Radio Shack and Sprint themselves, there should not be a price difference for the phone since my 2 year contract has expired and I'm basically a free agent.
    Finally, any idea when you guys will have pricing info on the phone?
  21. maximus96

    maximus96 Well-Known Member

    Can you initiate the port request like 10-15 days after shipping receipt date or at a day near the end of my billing cycle? My problem is if you port my number right after I receive the new phones, my AT&T phones will be dead immediately. what if i find out i don't like the EVO and or sprint's service a week later? while i can still cancel my sprint contract within the 30 days and return the phone to you guys, i'm still screwed because my AT&T plan is also terminated. There's got to be some logical ways around this...
  22. ashykat

    ashykat Well-Known Member

    You need to go back to best buy and have them give you $4.13 back. Tax is not charged on Gift Cards because you're going to be taxed on your phone when you pick it up.
  23. drexappeal

    drexappeal Well-Known Member

    No need to go back to do that. As long as they apply the $50 gift card BEFORE adding tax on the balance (e.g. Add tax to $149, rather than $199), it'll be the same thing.
  24. Camslam

    Camslam Well-Known Member

    FYI - Here is Wirefly's info on porting your number.

    Based on what Wirefly1 has posted in this thread, I think depending on price, if it is similar to the Incredible and priced at $149, this is a route you could take.

    1. Purchase the EVO through Wirefly, using the Bing Cashback option. Will drop effective price to $99.99 for phone.

    2. Port your number from Verizon to Sprint, based on what Wirefly1 and the website says, this won't be a problem at all.

    3. Then contact Sprint customer service to apply my "corporate" discount which will keep me on the same plan I sign up for on Wirefly, but will still give me a 12% discount on the price of the plan.

    4. Then have Sprint customer service apply the TEP $7 per month protection plan in case anything goes wrong with the phone during my initial 30 days with Wirefly, but more for after the first 30 days.

    Hopefully Wirefly will start putting some info on the website like they did for the Incredible.
  25. ashykat

    ashykat Well-Known Member

    Very true, although I wonder if they're smart enough to do that (or if their Point-of-sale system has the capability).

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