Dr Pepper free ringtone download - where did it go?

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  1. dhevans

    dhevans Well-Known Member

    Dr Pepper (at least here in Blighty) are doing a free ringtone offer at the mo, so text the number off, got the text back for a download link, promptly downloaded I think a .cpf file...

    Which I can't seem to do anything with, and I can't find anything in the list of ringtones, nor on the SD card at all..

    Has anyone used this, or any pointers as to what I might be looking for - I stupidly thought it would just be an mp3....

    Good job it was free apart from the faff to enter the code (the text is free too)..

  2. normel

    normel New Member

    Hi. I have the same problem. The download plays as a music file but I cann't open it in music?

    Have you had any luck?
  3. dhevans

    dhevans Well-Known Member

    Nope! I have another code I will try in the morning..
  4. dhevans

    dhevans Well-Known Member

    OK I wimped out this time :)
    sent the text, copied the browser link and opened it on a PC.
    Copied the downloaded mp3 back onto phone through cable and it's fine (not a good ringtone but hey).

    So still don't know where the other one has gone!
  5. cyberbob25

    cyberbob25 Well-Known Member

    The stock browser puts all of it's downloads into the 'Download' directory on your SDcard. If you don't see it there, then it probably didn't actually download. You can also check from the browser by pressing menu -> More -> Downloads. This list will show everything you have downloaded in the browser since the last time that you cleared that list.
  6. dhevans

    dhevans Well-Known Member

    Yes thanks I did look in there. It just downloaded a. Cfg file and that was that..

    Think I'll have to stick to my roundabout method then…

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