Dr.Who Countdown Widget.

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  1. benrees21

    benrees21 New Member

    Hello all. Just wondered if anyone would be interested in creating a countdown widget for me for the new series of Doctor Who that starts on the 23rd of April. All i want is a 2x2 widget with a picture of doctor who and a countdown timer. Thanks for whoever takes this up. :D

  2. Ryanteck

    Ryanteck Well-Known Member

    Il take this up for you, It will be a nice challenge as it will be my first widget.

    What do you want it to count? Days or hours. Or possibly days until the first 24 hours to it?

    Email me with more info about it to ryanteck@gmail.com
  3. Ryanteck

    Ryanteck Well-Known Member

    Hey sorry.
    My whole computers decided to die on me so i wont beable to now ( as its gonna take a while to resetup)]
    Sorry Ryan

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