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  1. Isaacdroid

    Isaacdroid New Member

    Sometimes in my message folder, some messages say 'draft'. If I go back, a message pops up saying 'saved to drafts'.

    Where is the drafts folder and why is it saving my messages to there?

  2. PJ147

    PJ147 Well-Known Member

    with the stock messaging app there are not folders as such. If after you have sent a message the cursor is still in the text input box and you press the enter key instead of the back key it
    drops down a line (like this) so it thinks your writing a new message. Simply select the message that has 'draft' written on it and then press the delete/backspace key until your at the top left of the text box. Press the back key and youll have got rid of the draft word.

    If you want more traditional folders (sent, draft etc) install something like GO SMS PRO (free from market)
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  3. akuning

    akuning New Member

    thx....i ve solve my problem....quite annoying seeing draft in the message.==
  4. thiscatsabroad

    thiscatsabroad New Member

    Me too. Thanks!
  5. Lord_Vanski

    Lord_Vanski Member

    Hi PJ147........I looked back of all the text messages to that particular person and could not find any text I wrote that says "drafts"..... Instead, I had delete the entire conversation just to delete the red word "draft" ....Is there an easier way?

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