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  1. I just dragged and dropped an album onto my phone. the phone (music player) has split the album into 2 how do i get it so its all the one album. The folder has all the music contained correctly..not sure why the music player split it?

    should i use something other than music player as the app?

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    Take them out of the folder and just put all your songs in the my music folder, the app will then sort by Artist, Song, Album automatically.

  3. EDIT!!!!....its still not fricken working. 2 albums are splitting the songs. kendrick lamar and Game. 2 songs from kendrick and 1 song from game. ive gone into kies and cant see what the issue is. The songs are all together in the folder on my phone. I took them out of the folder as was suggest above and it did the same damn thing. Does anyone know how to fix this?

    also does anyone know how to create your own custom album artwork? for example i have a heap of songs i want to listen to at the gym, i put them in a folder but i want my own cover art. anyway to do that?
  4. STILL cant get a fix for this! I dont know how to tag or retag or whatever the hell it is you do to get them to all be the same. And im saving them onto my SD card not the phone so there is no My Music folder. I hope samsung addressed this in the S4 cos it really sucks balls
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    i updated my post in the other thread but in case you don't see that i'll paste it here:

    i'd recommend the program linked before (TagScanner) then, it's easy, fast, and simple (tips on using it if wanted)

    i haven't used kies to know what it can and can't do

    for itunes, importing (file menu -> add file/folder) would be one way, that just allows it to play the files within itunes, and edit their info, nothing happens to the files them self by doing that, they aren't stored within itunes or anything like that, the files would still be in the same spot and everything

    to edit a song you'd right click the name choose "get info" and a window will pop-up, and within that you can change what you need to, when do click ok, and the file should be updated with the new info you entered

    to update a whole album at once import using "add folder" and choose the folder the album is in, then right click the album name above all the songs, a message asking if you want to "edit multiple items" will appear, click 'yes', in this new window, click the check box to the left of everything you want updated on all the songs (like 'album artist' for example) fill out the info, then click ok, now all the files for that album should be updated

    in either way the files don't move at all, only get updated with new info/tags


    and for the album art issue there's two ways depending on what kind of file they are and what app you use to play them

    one is to put a file named "albumart.jpg" (as long as it's a jpg) if you don't see the .jpg part just name it "albumart", and place it in the same folder as the songs

    otherwise you can add the art direct to the file(s):

    for itunes, when in the window mentioned above for editing a songs info, click the tab on the top that says 'artwork' (it's the last one on the right) click the button that says 'add' then choose what photo you want as the artwork and click ok, the song should now have the artwork inside of it

    to update a whole album's artwork, open the album's info window like mentioned above, and on the right side of the window click the check box the the left of the big square with the word "artwork" above it, then double click the box, and choose the photo you what as the artwork, then click ok, and then the whole album should be updated

    whether or not the artwork chosen is shown or not will depend on which app you use to play the music

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