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Drag Racing: Tuning

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  1. ledzarathustra

    ledzarathustra New Member

    My car is pretty good, that is to say it wins most of the time. But recently as I climb the ranks on the pro circuit, I'm finding myself amongst much better racers. Generally everyone uses the same car on a given level, and, at the rank I am now, I am being beaten every race. My racing style is solid, but I'm approaching the level limit and need to juice the car a little more. What the heck is this tuning thing? I get it as a concept in real life, but what do these decimals mean, and what are some tips on a good tune? I'm not really asking for specific digits, the pro league is competitive so you keep your personal settings, besides I want to come up with my own anyway. Does anyone have any suggestions?

  2. izihbo

    izihbo Member

    I don't really understand the tuning business myself (even though I got to 5000 rating @ level 3 - it took a while). I simply play around with the decimals. Nitrious is usually kept around 100-110%. FD can be "anything". And I usually keep the gears 1 through 6-7 are in a nice "curve" downwards - if that makes sense. There are different play styles on different cars on different tunes. Let's say there are 6 to 8 different ways to drive regardless of car/tune. For example - the 2nd gear start and hitting perfect every time - that's 1 way to race. And that's also the easiest way to play. Almost every car has a tune that allows this. Although even if you tune it that way - it doesn't mean that's the best way. It's a matter of playing around enough with tuning and the decimals.

    Some cars are even better off (at a particular level) without Nitrous - but instead focusing more on grip and weight. (hint hint Aston Martin)

    Also something to pay attention to is the fact that some cars are way better for 1/4 mile rather than 1/2 mile. And vise versa. And sometimes one car can be 'the best' for both distances. I think Pagani Zonda is a good example on that. (Thank god for tune-saving)

    I hope I managed to help you somehow and that I made any sense :)
  3. izihbo

    izihbo Member

    ...and also - yes there are cars that will never reach the 5000 rating - if you're taking that stuff seriously. It doesn't matter how skilled you are, they're simply not made for winning. Example: american musclecars.

    Go go lamborghini, ferrari, pagani zonda, and japanese cars.
  4. ledzarathustra

    ledzarathustra New Member

    Thanks for taking the time to reply. This actually does help; it gives me a place to start. I guess I'm going to hit the garage and play around with some decimals.

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