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  1. dooran25

    dooran25 Member

    Hey cold I have gotten my zonda to 11.77. But I got beat 1 time by a 11.66 pissed me off

    Is there anyway u can pm me your car setup I wanna mix mine with your to see if we can drop to under 11.7

    As for the black 599 I am running 12.418 to 12.420. I am willing to give the info up to anyone who can give me a zonda spec that runs at 11.7 or better

  2. dooran25

    dooran25 Member

    Its kind of silly that u have to rebuy p:parts if u down grade. They need to add a feature that allows u to swap parts in and out as u see fit. I am sure if I bought a part for 100000 I would not just chunk it in the trash cause. Am not uing it atm lol
  3. Benno23535

    Benno23535 New Member

    Hey guys first post im going to post my 599 setup here it is

    Nos- 2.70s
    final- 3.800
    1st- 1.626
    2nd- 1.460
    3rd- 1.218
    4th- 1.045
    5th- 0.900
    6th- 0.770

    This should help you get 12.43x im not giving out 42 or 41 but its a start
    my name is benno23535 ingame
  4. Benno23535

    Benno23535 New Member

    Also with that setup redline launch straight into 2nd nos just before 3rd and perfect shifts tho I tend to overshift 3rd and 5th
  5. revrend

    revrend New Member

    Hey guys new to the game and i love it!!! I have a lvl 3 maxed r34 and was wondering if anyone had some good ratios they could help me out with?? Much appreciated. -revrend
  6. TheMFM

    TheMFM Member

    Hey Folks I am new to the forum and to this game. After reading all five pages and seeing how different people upgrade their cars in different ways, why is not best to buy and install all the upgrades i.e. engine lv 4 turbo lv 3. Why not max everything out. Is it just to keep the car at a certain level are are there other reasons? thanks for the info.:confused:
  7. altered.ego

    altered.ego Member

    I love this game, but whoever has put the nitro so ridiculously close to downshift button was drunk to say the least! So frustrating! :mad:
  8. chrisjbeech

    chrisjbeech Member

    its just to keep cars at a certain level, lots of upgades make your car a higher level, which could be a bad thing, for example, a nearly maxed out car could be a very good level 6, but with that 1 more upgrade, it bumps it up to a low level 7, so you would race against level 7 which could be a lot better, as your only a low level, thanks to that 1 upgrade :)
    hope this has helped.
  9. UniR

    UniR Member

    Then the only variables will be tuning and technique and it makes it much more difficult to gain an advantage.
  10. gallandof

    gallandof Well-Known Member

    this next upgrade better be a good one, its taking longer than the others to be pushed out
  11. Rhydian

    Rhydian Active Member

    This game is amazing. Still haven't lost a race online got the perfect car set up :)

    Edit lost because I clicked the power button ffs XD
  12. formula428

    formula428 New Member

    My new best is 14.472, but 450s and 460s are impressive.
  13. youngmoney1139

    youngmoney1139 New Member

    Is there anybody in this forum that goes by the name uroursonline or something cause I was impressed by the low numbers u ran in the m3, u ran 9.33 twice when u beat me and I usualy run 9.44
  14. Cincy Dad

    Cincy Dad Active Member

    I have a question for those people who have hit 5000 in the Pro League.

    I'm at around 4850 and only earing 3 pts per race. How many will I lose if I take second or even worse, miss a shift and and come in last? I haven't lost a race in a while and I'm a little afraid to know.

    What happens when I will eventually apprach 5000. Will I only be earning 1 pt per race?
  15. Cincy Dad

    Cincy Dad Active Member

    Just a note to fellow Pro League racers who haven't upgraded yet. The latest release does way with assigning 2nd place to both people who tie for 1st. Now they give each player a 1st place assignment and you don't lose rank.
  16. youngmoney1139

    youngmoney1139 New Member

    Anybody got good tunes for the agera
  17. UniR

    UniR Member

    At 4900 it will drop to 2 pts per race and at 4950 you will start getting only 1 pt per race.

    Getting a second might drop you 30 pts.

    Accidentally hitting the back button will cost you 100 pts. Doing that twice will cost you your sanity. :)

    ***Timeout Hint***
    If you have more than one car for the level you are trying and you ever find yourself at the line in the wrong car, just stay there for 15 seconds and then just go down the track. You won't get penalized for timing out.
  18. remyko

    remyko New Member

    i just found the forum, and wondering by reading all of the post, that if someone have the numbers to tune in the agera ?, i been testing with some combinations but wondering if someone has actual working tune specs?
  19. Dragonkilla8

    Dragonkilla8 New Member

    Yeah I have no clue about anything with cars but I love racing games (go figure), anyone know of a guide to help me actually improve my car with tuning? Or maybe a tune for the M3 and a guide for a level 5 & 6 car? I wish I had a clue >.<

    e: Oh, and I see a lot of "find the perfect RPM for gear changes", how do you know what the best RPM is to switch at?
  20. altered.ego

    altered.ego Member

    The game has been updated to v1.0.16 today.

    In this version:
    - Murcielago LP670 and 9ff GT9-R
    - Rebalanced R8 and S7 (improved grip)
    - Fixed some players' pro league results missing from the list
    - Fixed player name randomly changing
    - Added option to disable multitouch if it's causing issues
    - Various bugfixes

  21. jaxdigger digg

    jaxdigger digg New Member

    Does anyone have any tuning specs for the zonda r I've to get some parts we could a little here in there getting 7.9 in the quarter with a top speed of 221 miles an hour anyone got any ideas to get any more out of the car.
  22. Cincy Dad

    Cincy Dad Active Member

    Basically, you want to keep the RPM's as high as possible for the entire race including during the launch. As you race, watch for places where the RPM's dip the lowest and work on improving those areas.

    Also pay attention to the NOS setting.
  23. pmpdadypain

    pmpdadypain New Member

    I have the veyron 16.4 ss. I have the car completely maxed out and I'm trying to tune it. My fastest 1/4 is 7.325. Can anyone tell me how to fine tune this car to max it out in the 1/4 mile??
  24. chrisjbeech

    chrisjbeech Member

    anybody think the 9ff GT9-R (the new car) will be a contender to win the level 8 or 9 half mile or quarter mile? It's currently quite a high level 7 :)
    if anybody's maxed it yet, or has some stats on it I'm sure everybody will appreciate them, :)
  25. UniR

    UniR Member

    I couldn't get it to do much tuned with several upgrade configurations, nor the new Lambo but I played with the BMW 328 (that may have come with this upgrade or O just never saw it before) and in level 2 league I have only seen one exceptional S2000 best it.
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