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  1. remyko

    remyko New Member

    i have an almost max out koenig, agera, but dont know how to tune it correctly, also if removing some of the upgrades will help?, any suggestions ?

  2. gallandof

    gallandof Well-Known Member

    this game needs a dyno test so you can see your cars powerband, would make tuning a lot easier and more efficient.

    MR BIG STUFF Active Member

    My F1 Race Car Is A Beast!!

  4. 1BadRooster

    1BadRooster Member

    Pretty neat. MR BIG. I would like to see a update with new cars or at least. Be able to purchase a more than one of the same car so u can do multiple levels
  5. Patrick12456

    Patrick12456 New Member

    I have the same car at the same level and maximum upgrade and my best time is : 8,693 How are you able to do that score?? :O
  6. skatedudeact

    skatedudeact New Member

    could you plz share your current M3 E92 tuning?
  7. askfed

    askfed New Member

    I'm down under 12.5 but getting smoked by many who are at 12.3xx and 12.42x. Fully upgraded and tuned I can't seem to get lower than 12.488. Settings are NOS 2.65 @ 113%, final 2.029, 1st 3.882, 2nd 2.848, 3rd 2.551, 4th 1.993, 5th 1.542, 6th 1.255. Driving style I'm trying to get perfect start revs, immediate shift to 2nd, perfect shift to 4th and hit NOS, then perfect shifts to 5th and 6th. Topping out at 255 mph at finish.
  8. askfed

    askfed New Member

    Tune it. I just posted a complete setup that has me at 255 in the 1/2 and I still lose to a handful of people!
  9. RatioKing

    RatioKing New Member

    Tuning app now on the market! "Drag Racing Pro Setups"

    For $2 bucks you'll get regular updates with some of the worlds fastest 1/4 mile setups. You can text the developer and request setups for your specific car if it's not already on the list and it will likely be there the following week. It'll save you hours of time tuning and get you right on the track, as our friend Charlie Sheen would put it, WINNING!!!
  10. klipsch

    klipsch Well-Known Member

    I'm still playing around with this but have become addicted after finding the Online Racing option. Have plenty of cash and RP...it's just a matter of picking more cars past Level 7. I will say that it's less exciting racing against Unregistered racers.
  11. 1BadRooster

    1BadRooster Member

  12. Hollanddani

    Hollanddani New Member

    Here is my setup, i usually reach 8.550's

    NOs duration is standard, 3.00s
    Final drive: 3.843
    1st gear: 2.840
    2nd gear: 2.050
    3rd gear: 1.651
    4th gear: 1.338
    5th gear: 1.082
    6th gear: 0.942

    I haven't tried out the best shifting options but I win most of my races, of course unless against a Zonda, or a Audi R8 <- tuning for it in lvl8 sb? It made a 8.416 against me :( ( I would also be interested in the best way of tuning a Zonda in lvl8, both performance and tune, Thx)
  13. Cincy Dad

    Cincy Dad Active Member

    Finally made it to 5000 on Level 7. That was a nail biter. I was running very consistently but made a slight mis-shift when my rank was 4999. Fortunetely, a 12.430 was fast enought to win that last round.

    Any suggestions on how to stay on the leaderboard?

    My Ferrari 599 made several passes at 12.413 on it's way to 5000. I've never seen another Level 7 run this fast. I'd like to hear if there's someone out there faster than this (without it being a fluke, I once had the app do something weird and then ran a 12.410).

    What to do next. Not sure if I want to down grade to Level 6 and race there or start all over with a more expensive car.
  14. juang0mes

    juang0mes New Member

    i just bought hennessey venom gt, so what should i upgrade it to turn it a beast ? *sorry, im brazilian, i dont speak english very well but i can understand you guys...
  15. eagle20g

    eagle20g New Member

    I really cant give you my setup but im only on level seven with the zonda n im running 8.40 n best i think was a 8.3xx.

    What ive learn is to first figure out how to max the car out at a certain level. Like for level seven it is 1200000/1200000. Once u learn what combo works for the car ur working on then tune it to your liking. Some cars run best under perfect shifts while the zonda i rev the piss out of it nusually get the best results.

    Anyone have suggestions for a good level 8 car? I dont wanna upgrade my zonda
  16. gallandof

    gallandof Well-Known Member

    anyone else having lots of connection issues with the new updates today? 90% of my pro league races dont work
  17. klipsch

    klipsch Well-Known Member

    I was bummed this morning to read the details for the Online Racing. You're actually racing against somebody elses recorded run. Here I was thinking that there was somebody else on another phone on the starting line with me. Winning's winning...but it's not the same, knowing that there isn't somebody somewhere smashing their phone because they lost... ;)
  18. Cincy Dad

    Cincy Dad Active Member

    Not as many as you but still too many. I lost my 5000 point standing (long story) and was within a few races of having it back when a timeout didn't register correctly and I lost about 100 points.
  19. Cincy Dad

    Cincy Dad Active Member

    It would seem to me to be very difficult to do head to head racing and really be online. A lot of people would probably just hit the back button once you showed them your taillights and that wouldn't be a lot of fun.
  20. Wazoo

    Wazoo Well-Known Member

    Does anybody have a good setup for the GT-R R35? I have it pretty much maxed out at level 5, with level 4 in every upgrade.
  21. dooran25

    dooran25 Member

    Don't down grade your 599 take an ashton martin for level 6 it will beat the snot out of anything u throw at it. I can pm u my tune for my ashton and u can work it from there
  22. letzrok

    letzrok New Member

    Hi everyone. Been watching these forums for quite a while but this is my 1st post. This drag racing game is a real blast. Something my boy figured out is that you really can race head to head. We managed to get 3 of us into the same pro league races about 10 times in a row. The trick is we all have to hit race at the exact same time. It worked almost every time.
  23. Brian360

    Brian360 Well-Known Member

    I'm at 1504 wins @ 1506 attempts. lol....
  24. UniR

    UniR Member

    Simply stop racing at that level! Otherwise, you will lose and then lose your standing.

    You could get both level 5 and 6 with the Aston Martin.
  25. UniR

    UniR Member

    Press the button right before UPGRADE... the one that says SELL. I haven't seen one competitive at any level or distance.

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