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Drag Racing

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  1. Wazoo

    Wazoo Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the great advice!
    It's a game, I play it for fun and I'm gonna use the cars I like, I don't care about getting to the top of the leaderboard.

  2. BLuE MaGoo

    BLuE MaGoo New Member

    Okay so on Level 3 Pro League I've done a pretty good job of climbing the ranks with my Skyline (4751 pts.) and needless to say I rarely lose if so it isn't by much I'm at the point where I'm running (1/4 miles) around 10.06-10.08 constantly. So last week I raced a guy with a Suby he run a 9.89 which I had never seen but seemed believable. Just about an hour ago 2nite I run against a guy by the name of "****_Yo_Couch". He's running a Ford Mustang Boss at level 3 his 1/4 mile time was a 9.415 the first run, I was skeptical so I ran it again he runs an "8.351" :eek:....My friend is running a fully upgraded lambo (Lvl 6 I believe) and he's only hitting 8.6's right now. Is this possible? or is this some kind of hack?
  3. Andoicus

    Andoicus Member

    Ferrari 599 beat it!
  4. marioval

    marioval Member

    Has anyone tested to see if game data can be backed up and restored with Titanium Backup?
  5. gallandof

    gallandof Well-Known Member

    if no one knows i can try on my back up droid. It has another save file, that i never got far in so ill give it a quick TIBU and see what happens.

    MR BIG STUFF Active Member

    Yeah you can dude, My subscribers do it all the time to do my Drag Racer hacks :cool:
  7. oif0304

    oif0304 Member

    Veyron ss tune. My fastest time is 7.296 1/4 mile. Launch between 4.5 and 6 thousand rpm then boost at beginning of 2 gear and perfect shifts to the end.
    Boost 150%
    Final drive 2.306
    1St gear 3.272
    2nd gear 2.659
    3Rd gear 2.221
    4Th gear 1.795
    5Th gear 1.476
    6th gear 1.270
    7Th gear 1.110
    If u get a faster time let me know. I need some competition.
    HA HA U LOST was Guns 13... Green veyron level 10
    If you don't red line any gear it will be faster then 7.310 every time
  8. untouchable_24

    untouchable_24 New Member

    Hey guys my level 10 Aero is running a 10.979 1/2 mile. Anybody getting better? I rarely get beat and if i do its by a Venom. I just bought the venom and am slowly upgrading it.

  9. marioval

    marioval Member

  10. christina099

    christina099 New Member

    I'm still playing around with this but have become addicted after finding the Online Racing option.
  11. klipsch

    klipsch Well-Known Member

    I'm not finding alot of challenge on Level 7 1/2 mile against my Rosso. Challenge meaning I'm winning just about every race. Online name is kino lau. ;)
  12. Evan123

    Evan123 New Member

    Hey all, im just curious if anyone knows what the tune was if it was different before the latest update for the bugatti veyron 16.4 ss. I really dont know anything about tuning and was messing around with it after the new update and then went back to the stock tune and i was running alot slower then before messing around with it and the only thing i could think of is that they changed the stock tune after the update.
  13. marioval

    marioval Member

    I saved up 2 million and bought the Hennesey Venom. Once I have this maxed out with the tuning and upgrades it will be a monster!! Upgrades for this are expensive!! Stage 2 Engine 400,000, Stage 3 Turbo 300,000, etc. And the tuning package is another million bucks! It's gonna take some time but from what I have read online its worth it. I also have a 599GTB and its unstoppable in level 7. I lose maybe 1 out of 10 races online or offline. Love this game!!!!
  14. oif0304

    oif0304 Member

    Evan 123 use the tune I just posted 2 posts above yours. Its a little faster then stock
  15. remyko

    remyko New Member

    heii , can you help me with my aero, i have almost all upgrades, I am missing the exaust lvl 5, I have the tuning package, but still making 11.8 average on 1/2 mile, some advice would be great :D, or tuning advice :D
  16. aldextrem

    aldextrem New Member

    there is no league on 1/4 mile race on level 7, my online name is amilcar_pr
  17. klipsch

    klipsch Well-Known Member

    Gonna keep winning races with my Rosso on Level 7 1/2 mile to support building my Venom.
  18. 1BadRooster

    1BadRooster Member

    I just raced. 1/2 and witnessed a 10.936 on a henny wow and i thought i was doing good with 10.944
  19. gallandof

    gallandof Well-Known Member

    ive seen a few 10.936's run fastes ive gone was 10.943, normally i run a 10.95
  20. 1BadRooster

    1BadRooster Member

    well it appears there is either a glitch in the game on pro leauge or there is a hack out i was running in level 7 last night and observed on 2 occasions a S2000 1/4 with times 2.450 and a 3.444 .Any one else seeing this happen ?
  21. dirt1612

    dirt1612 New Member

    Does anyone know why I dont show up when I race in pro league and do random. I would say 3 out of 5 times I dont show up on the final list. I am starting the race once it switches screens to the race but still am not getting any results.....
  22. Cincy Dad

    Cincy Dad Active Member

    I think it's a result of someone hacking. I've seen it a few times too. I don't mind people doing that if they stay out of pro league, but it's a little irratating when you're above 4950 take 2nd place to someone who probably couldn't get above 4000 if they didn't hack.
  23. 1BadRooster

    1BadRooster Member

    Yes i agree it makes me very ticked off when i loose points to someone that cheats ...i just ran against the guy again in level 10 pro league and he ran a 4.544 in 1/2 with a Hennessy he goes by the name DAP 123 and DAP101 Hopfully an update will come out to prevent it ..sad to say the guy had 4700 points already
  24. hintouring

    hintouring New Member

    has anyone else not been able to enter into pro league? every time i try it looks as if its about to load. then sends me back to the pro league level select???
  25. Cincy Dad

    Cincy Dad Active Member

    I would suggest people don't install the upgrade to Drag Racing released today if you are a Pro League racer. I was up to 4970 on level 8, installed the upgrade, and then started to run into occasional timeouts that put you in last place. I'll start a race and nothing will happen, it will take me back a screen and I can see that my points were reduced by nearly 100 each time. This happened 3 times over a series of about 20 races. Wish I knew how to go back one version.

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