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Drag Racing

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  1. Cincy Dad

    Cincy Dad Active Member

    You might be having an internet connection issue with your device.

  2. hintouring

    hintouring New Member

    everything else works just fine with the game. iv notes that when i try changing my name i get error code 841?? i can race the online face to face too. im up to level 7 beat all the bosses. id really hate to have to re-download the game.
  3. Cincy Dad

    Cincy Dad Active Member

    Here's a strange story from the Pro League: Yesterday I was racing in level 8 and frequently raced and beat someone named UNKNOWN_VIRUS. After a while he dropped off and then showed up again later, better tuned, running faster and beating me. I could see his score on the leaderboard, he was in the 497x's and slowly climbing. I kept at it and after a few loses turned the tables and beat him. On the race standing screen, his score dropped to 4955. He didn't drop off the leaderboard immediately, I didn't see him drop off until after a few races. Here's where it gets strange. I race a few more times and then he beats me again, this time his score is 4981 and he's back on the leaderboard.

    If we are racing live people, which I know for a fact we are, then how could someone like UNKNOWN_VIRUS pull off losing a race, dropping to 4955, and then a minute later be back at 4981? For those who haven't been above 4950, at that point you are only earning one rank point per 1st place win.
  4. dfields

    dfields New Member

    Does anyone have a 1/4 mi tune for the M3? I can't beat the level 4 boss.

    My level 3 car is a Nissan Skyline and I've got it tuned to where I win 9/10 races, but I can't get the M3 to run any faster than the level 3 Skyline no matter how I tune it.
  5. Health Hazard

    Health Hazard Member

    So far I have learned that each lvl has a specific car that runs best stock. once you do some fine tuning your can knock off another .5sec+. Now tuning can be a pain in the butt and time consuming but once you get the hang of it you can tune any car. I read about the best ways to tune and have some stuff to add to that. so your in the tuning menu and you see final drive through 7th gear and your wondering what have i gotten myself into?! well it is simple: final drive refers to the range of your redline and how fast each gear can be changed. 1st - 3rd deal mainly with your 0-60, 0-100, 1/4 mile but to be honest 1st and 2nd have more to do with it than 3rd. then you skip to your last gear whether it be a 6th or 7th, this deals with your top speed. tweek it some and your 233 can go to a 235.
    My Cars are usually the same for all of the beginning lvls as most but my money maker is my lvl 6 AM One -77. Now I know someone out there has a better build than me because they are getting under 13sec but mine is non cheating and my fastest 1/2 mile with this car is 13.052 which is pretty big difference from stock settings of 13.4xx. Im working on the a true money maker with the Hennessey Venom GT.. but thats expensive and you can only sit at your phone for so long.
    For those who are having trouble keeping up with your RP.. beat the bosses as you lvl up and race in proleague once you have a great setup and you can earn about 1000 every hour or so. downloading apps saves time and some of the games are good and some you can just uninstall.
    The only problem i see and i assume it is with my connection with lousy t-mobile is the timed out.. I swear I get that message so many times I want to throw my phone into the wall lol.
  6. Cincy Dad

    Cincy Dad Active Member

    First off, people running under 13's in Level 6 are not cheating. I was running between 12.95x and 12.96x. My best time was 12.950 and I saw one other racer pull a 12.945. Here's a tip for your Aston on level 6: Forget the NOS. It's too pricey for the little boost you get from it.

    Properly selecting your upgrades is just as important as tuning. Some levels like Level 4 with the BMW M3 and Level 7 with the Ferrari 599 are levels where the best tune wins because the competitive cars are maxed out and there are no decisions to be made on upgrades - you buy them all and then tune. On the other levels, the people who dominate are the not just the best tuners but people who have figured out which combinations of upgrades to use.

    Be patient with the game. People who are beating you in races have likely been playing a lot longer. The more you race, the better you will get at selecting the right upgrades, tuning, and finding the best launch technique and shift points.
  7. Health Hazard

    Health Hazard Member

    Cincy- hey thanks for responding back. yeah i was not saying that others r cheating i was just stating that i was not hehe. I knew about the no nos setup but man im so lost in getting the 1/2 mile under 13sec. I know you may not want to post your build on here but email it if you want eric.lewis.mwa@gmail. im curious how you made it so dang quick.. it maybe my shifting is off or something to that effect. i have been winning 99% of mine and when i loose I just chill for a while until i feel like winning again lol. I only have a score of 4107 right now user name: Health_Hazard. i just maxed out for lvl9 my venom but all i really care about is to get into th lvl10 pro leagues. once i get there ill go back and buy more cars.
  8. Rawster

    Rawster New Member


    iam pretty new in the game.. i have a supra, and i want to know how too tune this car for lvl 1.. i cant get my rank higher then 4100. my best time is 19,681 but other ppl beat me with 19,0**.

    i play at 1/2 mile.. how to update and tune this care to get that fast time?

    someone can tell me this plzz?

  9. dooran25

    dooran25 Member

    One thing I. Can say on these forums is when cincy dad speaks or in this case writes you all should listen. He is very good at tuning and setting up c have been working with him for awhile now and he always seems to get our cars just a bit faster.

    Level 6 aston you should be running at 12.950 to 12.970 every time with no cheats
    Level 7 you can run at 12.417
    Level 10 venom runs at 10.936 to 10.945
    If tuned right

    As ft mobile I have it and never time out
  10. widowmk

    widowmk New Member

    This is a good ratio for both 1/4 and 1/2 mile
    Nitrous 150%
    Final 2.120
    Start at 6000 rpm. Hit nitrous right as you go into second gear.
    Let me know how it works for you. (Anyone) i get 12.450 sometimes better. Be patient on take off. The other car will get ahead of you. But you'll blow right by them.
  11. widowmk

    widowmk New Member

    This is a good ratio for both 1/4 and 1/2 mile
    Nitrous 150%
    Final 2.120
    Start at 6000 rpm. Hit nitrous right as you go into second gear.
    Let me know how it works for you. (Anyone) i get 12.450 sometimes better. Be patient on take off. The other car will get ahead of you. But you'll blow right by them.
  12. DrLui

    DrLui New Member

    Pm sent
  13. awd250

    awd250 Member

    anyone have a good tune up for the 9ff gt9-r?
  14. dooran25

    dooran25 Member

    Just an fyi for everyone

    You do not have to beat the level boss with the same level car. I did not race the boss's until I got my lev 10 venom. Then I smoked every dam one of em lol. So if you can't beat em and really want the respect points. Just use the next level car
  15. Rawster

    Rawster New Member

    yo, i tried your tune, my best time is only 12.473.. maybe i do something wrong.
  16. Beamer9408

    Beamer9408 New Member

    So I had my 599 running 12.436 fastest I could ever get it to go so I gave my tune to a friend he steady runs 12.426 with the same set up so I used his phone and ran the same times on his as he did and he used mine and ran the same times I was running on mine just thought it was interesting the same tune could run such different times on different phones...

    LEEFONTAINE404 New Member

    I have a chevrolet camaro zl. I have it maxed out. How can i tune it and make it better?
  18. shri879

    shri879 New Member

    PLz anybody give me good tunings for my henessy venom gt.I fully upgraded it and now can run only 10.768s.And I saw one running @ 10.742 so if u have tunings plz share with me
  19. shri879

    shri879 New Member

    Br I can run about 10.751s henn. ven gt.But some one running it at 10.741s. So trying to
    find new tuning
  20. icepak

    icepak New Member

    I'm getting a new phone and wondering if anyone knows if there is a way to transfer your setting to a new one or pretty much start from scratch?
  21. Evan123

    Evan123 New Member

    anyone have a good setup or tune for a lvl 6 lambo?
  22. grouchomarx

    grouchomarx New Member

    does anyone have a good tune for SSC Aero?

    if anyone wants, i have a good tune for the 599 Rosso, i get 12.427s constatly...

    Im Chupalo_Rico at dragracing
  23. zafnag

    zafnag New Member

    Sorry guys, but I'm a COMPLETE noob at this drag racing game. It seems beast as hell, but I just can't quite get the hang of "correct" shifting once the game starts getting harder. Sure, perfect shifts and launches aren't that hard. But they don't produce the fastest times. So I'm asking, what have you guys found to be the best way to launch and shift the level 4 green lambo? And are there any guidelines for shifting the rest of the cars in the game? (not all of them...lolz. just the ones that everyone finds "fastest" for each level). Thanks so much in advance!
  24. Health Hazard

    Health Hazard Member

    now that someone brought this to my attention i was wondering how it would effect me. I am about to get the droid bionic when it comes out and how do i keep all of my game data saved and transfered? Not just this game but card ace and others? I would hate to have maxed out my drag racing game and then find out i need to start over.
  25. weaselaow

    weaselaow Well-Known Member

    What is Final Driver in tune options ?

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