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  1. Health Hazard

    Health Hazard Member

    i usually do all of my blogging at work and i am unable to access your website. if you post a working car setup that owns please post on this site. ill back you up on some of my builds that i loose once every 2-3 hours.

  2. Health Hazard

    Health Hazard Member

    i switched phones and my name health hazard is no more :(.. now it is testing11.. so if i beat you its me or if you beat me brag ;)
  3. klipsch

    klipsch Well-Known Member

    Still running face to face on Level 7 1/2 mile, and winning 19 out of 20 races. I'm typically running 12.58 in my white 599. I have no idea how I tuned it. Online name is kino_lau
  4. berkampung

    berkampung New Member

    1/4 mile 7.408s 1/2 mile 10.935s hennessy venom.can i do better???i always get beaten by buggati in 1/4 mile.they ran 9.3++.some even 9.2++.or only buggati can run below 9.4 in 1/4 mile??
  5. OB_1

    OB_1 New Member

    Is there a backup app that can be used to save game data that does NOT REQUIRE ROOT?
  6. konman

    konman Well-Known Member

    What's your gear settings on the venom
  7. Hrdcor24

    Hrdcor24 New Member

    can anyone tell me how to perfect tune chevy camaro ZL1 i'm all maxed out now and only run 16.270 on 1/2 mile.
  8. Hrdcor24

    Hrdcor24 New Member

    anyone have tips on tuning chevy camaro im all maxed out but not sure on gear ratio!
  9. hiphopper 101

    hiphopper 101 New Member

    ok so alot of ppl are sayng tht the ssc aero tt is the best car in the game, i just sold my novitec rosso and now have no car and over $2m to spare, i test drove just about every lvl 6-8 car and found the best times to be the aero tt (12.8 1/2m and 8.7 1/4m) and the hennessey venom gt (12.7 1/2m and 8.5 1/4m)
    i guess what im trying to ask is, is the aero tt still better than the venom gt or is the venom gt simply not worth the extra $.7m and are these times decent or am i doing somthing wrong?
  10. kiany17

    kiany17 New Member

    I cant win the 4 boss and y have a 911carrera fully upgrade what can i do??
  11. Strangerous

    Strangerous Member

    You don't have to use a level 4 car to race level 4 boss. Up your level, or play with your tune.
  12. Strangerous

    Strangerous Member

    No offense ... but after tuning and building a domestic car on this game, only to be dusted by an exotic: get an exotic if you want to be competitive ... boss stang and both vettes are the fastest when tweaked ... but still have their doors blown off.
  13. jake795

    jake795 New Member

    The aero is a cheaper car in initial cost but also its a lot cheaper to buy upgrades and tuning package for. Keep this in mind.
  14. hiphopper 101

    hiphopper 101 New Member

    im gessing this is towards me :p
    ya i kno but money really ins't an issue in this game, i mean at lvl 6 u get 16g at pro league random for winning, and im gessing at lvl 8+ u get even more which i found is the best way to make money and with tht after selling my rosso for $370000 i made it to over 2m in without even knowing it
  15. mikeythelegend

    mikeythelegend New Member

    what are ppls times with the 599 novitec rosso?
    mine is maxed out and tuned like mad - currently hitting 1/4 - 8.620 and 1/2 - 12.463 - does any one do better than this?
  16. .Will

    .Will New Member

    After upgrading and tuning my Venom, I decided to finally join the pro league. I have an account but whenever I race it never counts my time and gives me the results of the top ten racers, but my name isn't on the list. Can anyone help? I would like to make my way up to the level 10 cars and I need the RP from the races.
  17. max_miller3254

    max_miller3254 New Member

    hey im new to the thread. i have a blue/black m3 e92, a ferrari 599gto lv 7 and a venom lv 10. i am looking for a new tune for the m3, i am running 14.9xx's. i see people running 14.4xx's and it kills me rating in the pro league, currently at 4838. so help or suggestions. i launch in 2nd, and nitro going into 3rd. any help would be great.

    my name on here is the same in the game.
  18. oOoMAJESTICoOo

    oOoMAJESTICoOo Well-Known Member

    Can someone / Anyone help me with the level 4 boss 1/4 mile with the M3, i just cant do it, I've now bought the M3 & fully tuned it for the 3rd time now trying to beat it but just cant do it :/ Cost me so much money and points.

  19. 900RR

    900RR New Member

    I've been 12.414, never 12.413. You and one other guy have posted that speed against me. Anyway, use the AM One-77. Its the fastest lvl 6 1/2 car out there. Mine runs 12.940's consistant and fastest time in 12.930. Do you have any tips for tuning the Zonda for lvl 8?
  20. WolfmanSWE

    WolfmanSWE New Member

    Hi guys, my 1st post here.
    Been playing the game now for awhile and using the Rosso 599 atm in lvl7.
    Havent bought any cars for lvl8 so far. Wich car is the best for lv8?
    And wich car is best if u uppgrade to lv9 and 10?
    Thanks in advance.
  21. gallandof

    gallandof Well-Known Member

    just realised i've bought every car in the game so far :( guess i need to start working on tuning and upgrading them. doesnt seem like i've played it that much
  22. shawn1224

    shawn1224 Ex CEO-DNPSEA foundation VIP Member

    I have the Venom and Bugatti SS maxed out but I'm still not getting the best performance. The Venom starts out slow but covers well while the Bugatti does the opposite.

    With the Buggati I start out in second then nitros then try to perfect shift the rest of the way. Best run so far is in the 7.60's

    With the Venom I rev up into green then shift to second, then nitros, then perfect shift. Best run so far is in the 7.50s
  23. awd250

    awd250 Member

    How is it that someone beat me in pro racer level 9 with a VW GTI w/time of 6.505?
  24. oOoMAJESTICoOo

    oOoMAJESTICoOo Well-Known Member

    What car(s) are best for Pr0 League lvl 8, 9 & 10?

    Thanks iMAJESTIC
  25. kenshell

    kenshell Member

    I mostly toy around on level 10.
    Here is my best 1/4

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