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Drag Racing

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  1. kenshell

    kenshell Member

    They are cheating using a hex editor.
    We just ignore them.


  2. IraGarcia

    IraGarcia New Member

    Good tips. I just picked up this game after reading this thread. Looks fun...but I should really wait until after work to test it out :)
  3. egb18c

    egb18c New Member

    some asshole is running 12.413 in his 599!!! wtf? who is to say that is his fastest time either.

    anyway. here are some tips that i wish i had before starting the pro league.
    these are the hot cars that will rule the field..
    stage 6: lambo 1/4
    stage 7:eek:bviously the 599 1/2
    stage 8:zonda 1/2mile( i bought the ssc aero thinking it would be enough to rule stage 8 and stage 9. was wrong. dont waste your money on it YET.)
    stage 9 ferrari fxx or 9ff gt9-r 1/4&1/2
    stage 10 venom gt 1/2
  4. Killshot88

    Killshot88 New Member

    I have been having trouble with ranking. Everytime i start to get high in the rankings i cant connect and lose my rankings. They said they fixed with new update but now everytime i go to pro league,(random) it starts to load and then sends me back. Now i cant even get in. Anyone else haVing same issues.
  5. WolfmanSWE

    WolfmanSWE New Member

    This is from DragRacings FB page.

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  6. TrueSkillz23

    TrueSkillz23 New Member

    I Am Trying To Tune My Lotus Any Tips On The Best Way To Tune It Or Use It. I Race It And About 75 % Of The Race Im In The Lead Until The Last 25 % My Opponent Blows Right Past Me. I Have A Feeling That The Right Tuning Should Fix This Problem. Any Help ???
  7. MyTjSux

    MyTjSux Well-Known Member

    I have read this entire thread and all the others entitled drag racing....can some one please pm or post the tuning to hit sub 10.75 on their lvl 2 S2000's....i would appreciate it...i cannot get under 10.75
  8. firebirdgm2000

    firebirdgm2000 New Member

    Same question here but I've also seen a supra and BMW crack 1/4m 10.2s in lvl 2!!!!!!!
  9. firebirdgm2000

    firebirdgm2000 New Member

    Same question here but I've also seen a supra and BMW crack 10.2s in lvl 2!!!!!!!
  10. Hiatus

    Hiatus Member

    Just started playing this game. Whats the best car to buy as a level 1? Weight to power ratio, the Toyota Supra is better than the Honda52000...go with the toyota?
  11. KrazeeCracker

    KrazeeCracker Well-Known Member

    maxda rx8
  12. Hiatus

    Hiatus Member

    Why the mazda? Stat wise the toyota is a lot better right? If not, then what should people look for in stats?
  13. itsskrazy

    itsskrazy New Member

    Hey. Im runnin a lvl 7 gallardo and have been playin with ratios... i got it running a 8.5^^ which from this form is said to be pretty good.. but i want low 8.5s or even a 8.4999999 lol.. i know i know... greedy greedy lol. but i cant seem to figure it out... maybe if someone can help me.. best i get now is a 8.556 thats the best ive done in a race.. i usually run 8.58ish.. during tuning i always test the 1/4 mile after every lil tweek a few times.. and i think i member runnin a 8.52... but it doesnt show in my stats... maybe im crazy or maybe just cuz it was in tuning... well someone who can help please.. anyone who wants my higher 8.5 ratios just ask. thanks
  14. itsskrazy

    itsskrazy New Member

    MY OPINION!!! when i look to buy a new car ( im a quarter mile racer... ) i look for power to grip ratio... you dont want the most powerful car if it dont have the grip to handle it... in a quarter mile if your spinning out through more than half your 2nd gear... your screwd... find a car thats grip is atleast CLOSE to the power. and if there is a lil more power... just make sure to buy tires before losing weight.. losing weight will make you them extra 10ths or 100ths of a second faster.. but if u lose to much u start to lose grip... like i said... try and get it to not spin out longer than half way through 2nd... upgrade your car... test it.. if your spinnin out to much buy some tires... if you have GREAT grip... upgrade more power or lose some weight... til u start to lose grip... then get tires n so on... grip is VERY important.. just as important as raw power
  15. M24rainman

    M24rainman New Member

    Hi All, I'm running a level 8 Audi R8 V10 MTM Biturbo - my best for the quarter mile is 8.127 (consistently running under 8.2 and half mile 12.443) This is with NO tuning and using the strategy set out below. I dont care much for the half mile as i top out at 211 mph but seem to win 9/10 of every race with this. My strategy is start at idle, shift up at 5k, 7k, 7.5k nos, then perfect shifts the rest (8k)
    It is maxed out apart from the weight which i have only at level 1 - the car has 1125bhp and 335NOS and i think it gets the power down much heavier with the weight kept high. Weight is 2858lbs and grip 17194. If i sell the car i get 1.45mill and i have 750k in the bank so im basically going to save up 2 mill over the next few days and then upgrade to the Veyron SS and tune it up. Basically the more powerful the car keep it heavy as you can and you will see all that power transferred to low times.
  16. Daniël

    Daniël New Member


    Finely I have done it with the Novitec Rossa. [​IMG]

    Here are my tunes

    here the tunes for level 7:

    Nitro 2,50 (120 %)
    Finals drive 1,281
    1 4,960

    2 4,255
    3 3,344
    4 2,954
    5 2,641
    6 2,324

    Have lots of fun with it.

    My site is Welkom op Daans chat site. (DUTCH)

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  17. chevysnfirst

    chevysnfirst New Member

    So I am a total n00b lol
    don't know what I am doing, I have already bought some cars
    I am on level 4 right now.
    username is chevysnfirst
    look forward to learning some tips on here

    good thing I have 2 batteries for my phone cuz I am wearing them out with this game.
    Fixing to try some of yall's launching tips
  18. t quikk

    t quikk New Member

    I am racing in the pro league random and I keep having connection lost issues when I race! This is very frustrating because I finish the race and then when results go to POP up it says connection lost. I don't receive any money, but my standing in the league drops. This just started recently. I was ranked around 2500 and was moving up quickly now I am down to like 1600. Anyone else having this issue
  19. Hoe_Pleazz

    Hoe_Pleazz New Member

    im hoe _pleazz any body ever race me.. 599 tuned best 12.25 skip 1st shift 2-3rd hit nos at same time shift 3-4 and 4-5 at good, the 5-6th perfect.....looking to see who has raced me too
  20. Hoe_Pleazz

    Hoe_Pleazz New Member

    im hoe _pleazz any body ever race me.. 599 tuned best 12.25 skip 1st shift 2-3rd hit nos at same time shift 3-4 and 4-5 at good, the 5-6th perfect.....looking to see who has raced me too
  21. Blake1806

    Blake1806 Member

    I have an awesome tune, but for some reason the program seems to be locking my gears in first and second. I have looked at other people's youtube videos and everyone seems to be running fine. I was just wondering if anyone else out there is having a problem with what seems like a program problem. During launch, it revs at whatever rpm you are at when the flag drops, stays at that rpm for a few seconds before it revs past, and by then you're screwed. I've tried other tunes, and it does the same thing. I've tried launching from 1st, 2nd, and third, revved all the way and just on green. Please let me know how to fix this.
  22. devlife

    devlife New Member

    Just got the game today. Wicked fun! However, I can't figure out how to "Perfect Shift". I pretty much always get Good Shift but only a few times have I gotten Perfect.
  23. Blake1806

    Blake1806 Member

    You have to shift when the arrow is green, which is a very small time after blue and before red.
  24. 900RR

    900RR New Member

    Try This
    2.66s, 113%
  25. TheFastKjetil

    TheFastKjetil New Member

    Got my NR 599 GTB down to 8.601 on the 1/4 and 12.420 on the 1/2 mile now, i really wanna get below 600 on the 1/4 and 420 on the 1/2mile, got my gear ration tuned good i believe after reading around on this tread and my shifting and NOS use is ok too, only maybe some have better times on both runs and wanna share so i can get better times :D

    Also got the Hennessey Venom GT that I'm tuning now and using the 599 to make money to tune :p

    My RX8 is stored away now in my garage and i only use it sometimes for fun :D


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