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  1. flhtci2006

    flhtci2006 New Member

    Anyone have 1/4 mile tune numbers and driving info for the Aston? Best I've been able to do is 8.67.

    Edit to change time from 7.67 to 8.67

    Could use some tune info please to make the 1/4 faster

  2. LoveJuice

    LoveJuice New Member

    it was fun to play dis game.. bought the pagani zonda r.. max upgraded till level 9.. had my best time at 7.914s = 1/4mile without Tuning.. but still i got blow by SSC Ultimate Aero, Ferrari FXX Evoluzione n 9ff GT9-R.. whats the best setup tuning for pagani zonda r.. will appreciated :)
  3. laby

    laby Active Member

    I played this game around 2 months ago, I find it boring at first, then I played online..and there I've raced with other cars being tuned..hard to win..any tips? am using level9 car.. :(
  4. jcrm

    jcrm New Member

    i also got a ultimate aero and my final speed at 1/2mile is 289 with a time of 10.77s. you need to better tuning the gears so you can go faster. the problem that we got with this car is the start and i been working on that lately and i have made a big progress in the star
  5. tripleflip

    tripleflip Member

    I have a problem with mya Drag Racing app, why I can not buy a new car.
    After I buy a new one, then it will gone again after I close the app.
    Can anyone solve my problem?:(
  6. Blake1806

    Blake1806 Member

    Make sure you have a decent connection to your provider network or internet, that way it saves on their system. Also, don't close the app as soon as you make changes, I've noticed things "dissapear" sometimes if you do this, so just to be safe, whenever you make changes, play a little longer with a good connection to allow time for the system to recognize the changes. Hope this helps.
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  7. bumnuts

    bumnuts Member

    Hi Guys, glad its not just me who is addicted to this game. Are all the top times posted on the game REAL using non rooted phones or hacked. I seem to be able to tune my cars somewhere near the top times but cannot match any of them.

    Is there anyone on here who runs sub 11.7s on level 8 using the Zonda. I can only manage to tune down to 11.723's on the 1/2 mile, who could have a look at my tune and point me in the right direction.

    Many Thanks
  8. tripleflip

    tripleflip Member

    Thank's Blake, I'll try what you said..
  9. tripleflip

    tripleflip Member

    Hope this tune help you..
    I use this tune for my Zonda level 8

    Upgrade :
    Engine : Stage 4
    Turbo : Stage 4
    Intake : Stage 3
    Nitro : Stage 4
    Weight : MAX
    Wheels : MAX

    Tune for 1/4 mil : 7.89.. sec
    Nitrous : 2.00 s @ 150%
    Final : 2.078
    1st : 2.950
    2nd : 2.500
    3rd : 1.850
    4th : 1.720
    5th : 1.600
    6th : 1.510

    Tune for 1/2 mil : 11.69.. sec
    Nitrous : 2.00 s @ 150%
    Final : 2.078
    1st : 2.950
    2nd : 2.500
    3rd : 1.830
    4th : 1.680
    5th : 1.530
    6th : 1.370

    if had the best tune, you can just avoid mine..

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  10. bumnuts

    bumnuts Member

    You Sir are a Genius..................11.680 on 3rd run for the 1/2 mile (11.675 in pro league). Didnt think actually gearing 1st was that important when using 2nd gear starts. I was mainly concentrating on gearing for 2nd and then working my way up. I had the same 443455 as you and the same nos!!! but thats about all......:):)

    Thanks, I owe you one
  11. KrazeeCracker

    KrazeeCracker Well-Known Member

  12. mendez_joshua

    mendez_joshua New Member

    Hey I saw a lot of people posting here so I thought I may get an answer faster.
    I am new and have a lot of questions.
    First does anyone have tunes for the Supra and S2000 lvl1. Including the upgrades they use.
    Also I will win level 1 races but it always says rank 94. The after race results show 179. If i lose once it goes to 152. But I can win 3 of 4 consecutive races and no numbers higher than 179. How do I get to lvl 2 if my number never changes.
  13. matt5701

    matt5701 New Member

    Does anyone know some good tunings for the venom? i used a few peoples tunes but my venoms not maxed out so the tunes ruin the cars acceleration.. any help id appritiate
  14. airman23

    airman23 New Member

    Does anyone have the Tuner settings for a maxed out bmw m3 for the 1/4 mile or 1/2 mile ? I Currently do 9.7xx
  15. Douglas_Green

    Douglas_Green New Member

    I have tuning for the lvl 1 Rx8 and lvl 2 s2000 and is currently working on lvl 3 GTR. but I am running 12.5s in my rx8 and 10.6-7 in the s2000. Ill post my tunes after I hit 5000 points in the level.

    My IGN is DouglasGreen

    Edit 12.460 with RX8 update
    2:08pm New time of 12.453 with a little modification in shifting.
    3PM 12.451s
    GTR is running 10.1s
  16. Douglas_Green

    Douglas_Green New Member

    Hint for RX-8 users Do not use the Nitros until you are at the start of 3rd gear.
    and i wish i knew what ratios waiting_on_u used because he is running right under me with 12.43s
  17. bscary1

    bscary1 New Member

    Im driving the Koenigsegg Agera R, im maxed out in Lvl 8 im running 12.2 in 1/2 miles and low 8 in the 1/4's But i'd like to max it anyone have any ideas.
  18. Douglas_Green

    Douglas_Green New Member

    Woot 10.165s lvl 3 GTR

    But I am in need of some help I have a 12.45s RX8 lvl 1 and I want a 12.44 or 12.43
    engine-0 Turbo-1 Intake-1 Nitro-4 W-1 Wheels-2
    4.02s @ 75%
    Im starting in second and using nitros at 3rd gear shift is there any ideas thur tweaking anyone has thought out for me?
  19. coldsteel3g

    coldsteel3g New Member

    hey guys new to the forums but not to the game i have most of the fun cars and been playing pro league a lot in lv7 i have a aston and a lambo but i can't get the lambo lower than 8.9 but in the aston i can do 8.820 i seen people get lower times than me in the lambo i have tried tuning but nothing seems to work can anybody help me?
  20. tecklock

    tecklock New Member

    hey guys im new to the form i have had drag racing for a while but just stated the pro league iv had all level one cars all kinds of tunes and upgrads and cannot get my rank to get higher then 96 help please!
  21. tecklock

    tecklock New Member

    i agree im trying to tune the s2000 myself
    also trying to tune the rx8 lvl1 also
  22. LuisGT3

    LuisGT3 Member

    Can a Murcielago SV be maxed out to Level 8? I have a bunch of mods avail and I would like to keep buying them so I can keep this car for a while. If not, I'll need to sell it and get something else to do lvl 8 with. I already have a level 9 Veyron (white) but don't feel like de-tuning it to make it compatible for level 8.
  23. gennick1236

    gennick1236 New Member

    just got this game and think its great i have yet to play online but here is my single car specs and model i have at the moment novitec rosso gtb with stage 1 engine stage 1 turbo stage 3 air intake stage 1 nitrous stage 2 weight and finally stage 2 wheels btw i have olny had the game for about two weeks and have olny got 342 rp at moment so need some advice about tuning
  24. flhtci2006

    flhtci2006 New Member

    Need some tune numbers for the lvl 7 Aston please.......
  25. Ebolavirus

    Ebolavirus New Member

    I can't seem to figure out how the same car as me is going 0.2 sec faster. I'm currently running a maxed skyline in the level 3 bracket and my best 1/4 mile time is 10.194, I'm usually 1st or 2nd when I race in the pro league but whenever I place 2nd theres always another skyline thats 1st with a time around 10.050. I've spent a solid day tuning my skyline and I can't seem to figure out how he is that much faster.

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