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  1. Satans_Elite

    Satans_Elite New Member

    I also have a fully maxed audi r8 and i run the 1/4 in 8.015. i'm still trying to tweak the tuning to try and get under 7.9 if any one has any ideas that would be great.

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  2. laby

    laby Active Member

    gonna try this one..thanks dude.. ^_^
  3. lucky879

    lucky879 New Member

    Hey guys,

    I seem to be winning 98% of the time with my lvl 8 koenigsegg, running 8.19 highest in a 1/4.

    anyone else got a faster one? and if so plz post details :D

    I had an apponent that defeated me with a 8.17!! and whats killing is... he has the same car as me but i just want to know how in the world did u go down by 0.02! hehe:D
  4. tecklock

    tecklock New Member

    wondering if anyone can answer my question iv been playing on the pro league for about a week now and my rank has not moved up 1 any idea how to make it move up
  5. 2kGTgio

    2kGTgio New Member

    i love this game! currently low 9s with my lvl6 zr1 vette
  6. Rubber_Duck_10

    Rubber_Duck_10 New Member

    Hey all,

    First time posting so bear with me. I see most people talk about 1/2 mile runs and their tunes and such, however I want to compete on both. At the moment I mainly focus on the offline part of this game, although I do play some online matches.

    However I'm having trouble with tuning cars. Now I don't want any settings, I want to learn to do it myself. But starting from scratch seems almost impossible (although I know some must have done so).

    Are there any guidelines on how to tune a car for the 1/2 mile and 1/4 mile? I read some in this post about keeping your ratio's about 1-0.7 apart from the first to the second gear and to keep the distance tighter with each passing gear. However I have no clue whatsoever as to what the Final Drive does. I also have no idea how to tune a car for the 1/4 mile. Does this apply there to? Should I have higher ratio's with more space in between etc. etc..

    It would be nice to get some info on this, so I atleast know how the tuning works instead of doing what I do now and that's basically ruin every setup I got :)

    Thanks upfront.
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  7. TSIGuy

    TSIGuy New Member

    I have the veyron ss all maxed out. Anyone got a tune to break 7.3's in the quarter mile. My best is a 7.329 i think and trying to get into the 7.2's. Gotta get my level 10 ten rank up. Thanks
  8. Slurr

    Slurr New Member

    Jake will you please send me your K Agera R tune? I'll help you out with any of the tunes ive got.
  9. Stage6_Killer

    Stage6_Killer New Member

    Anybody run under a 8.600 in the 1/4 with a stage 6? I ran an 8.659 with the lambo and have seen sum low 8.6s
  10. laby

    laby Active Member

    Somebody went to 4.4secs using lambo?????? hoooowwww did he finished it in just 4.4secs???? 1/4 mile race..4.4secs how???
  11. masda74

    masda74 New Member

    I just can not agree with "Rubber_Duck_10" any more than 100%
    I have been reading this thread for the past 3 days from start to finish.
    Everyone keeps asking for setups, but hardly anyone contributes to explain how to set it up.
    To those few that have contributed their setups, a greatly appreciated THANK YOU.

    If anyone could please explain the tuning setup, it would be greatly appreciated.
  12. Stage6_Killer

    Stage6_Killer New Member

    Are you kidding me? Go back and read in this thread.... there are lots of posts with tips on tuning. Read the tips and do like the rest of us.... trial and error.
  13. Rubber_Duck_10

    Rubber_Duck_10 New Member

    Well as I stated, I did read the forum and I did read a few tips. However there aren't as many as I'd hoped for. I found some information on tuning for the 1/2 mile, but hardly any on the 1/4 mile.

    Besides, I have trialled and errored, but why shouldn't I ask for information on a forum? I do believe that's what a forum is made for.
  14. Pimp Stick

    Pimp Stick Member

    Alright, I am running 8.1 1/4's and 11.9 1/2's with a level 8 Koenigsegg... Any better times at there at level 8? If so, is anyone willing to share how they achieved those better times?
  15. its_daisy

    its_daisy New Member

    Keep this car as a level one, I never tuned it and I always get first.

    my stats are 19.786/19.798 s on pro, I'm sure there is faster.. But this works for me, savetime and money :)

    Turbo: stage 1
    Intake: stage 1
    Weight: stage 4
    Wheels: stage 3

    I never gear to 6th and perfect shift are at about 6.75rpm top mph its about 139..hope this helps I usually race in 1/2 mile.

    lvl 2: mazda rx-8

    Lvl 3: honda s2000 and chevy camero zl1

    Lvl 4: bmw m3 E92

    Level 5: aston

    Lvl 6:gallardo

    Lvl 7: novitec rosso 599

    I do have tunes for most of these cars, letme know if you n eed em
  16. GoVols_72

    GoVols_72 New Member

    I have a lev 2 s2000 running 11.2's and I get smoked by guys running 10.6...Is this real or a hack? Also I have a lambo lev 7 running low 8.5's with best at 8.516 in 1/4 How in the heck are those guys un the R8's running 8.3's If you have raced me say hey....You will remember screenanme is the same and all my cars are orange..Go Vols
  17. tecklock

    tecklock New Member

    i have my s2000 runing about 12.88 no turbo i usally palce in thetop 3 but my rank never increases i cant figure it out
  18. need4speed

    need4speed New Member

    I've just started playing this game & got hooked instantly. I have :
    1 - Novitec Rosso 599 (level 7 - full upgrade)
    2 - Koenigsegg Agera R (level 8 - full except intake/exhaust -4, weight -2 & tyres -4)

    Been tuning a lot & racing in Pro League 1/2m, but level 7 i cant go lower than 12.430 . for level 8 my best is 11.960 .. anyone care to share some info ?
    did i mod wrong upgrades for my Koenigsegg on level 8 ?
  19. koqt_69

    koqt_69 New Member

    I got my lvl1 rx8 running 12.432s-440s
    And my s2000 running 10.72-76s
    Enuf to win most races but I don't like not having the best times
    Like the 12.428s and the 10.68....
    Someone who knows what they are doing help me out :mad:
  20. nabgangsta

    nabgangsta Member

    SLS 700 Tune?
  21. Beefet

    Beefet New Member

    I found some online tunes for this game, and set my S2000 to what they had. My best 1/4 has been 10.658s many times, and my average is 10.707s. I just spent a couple of hours on lvl 2, and went from 4850 rank to 5000 rank! Got a red star. :)

    I try for a perfect launch, but anything from 6k to 7k seems good. Perfect shifts through 6th gear, with the juice at the same time I shift to 2nd. My top speed when I do everything right is 140.
  22. aTxx

    aTxx New Member

    Just started playing this game yesterday and I'm level 3 with a fully tuned Lotus and I'm thinking of purchasing another care at level four thinking about a Lamborghini or Corvette any suggestions what I should get? By the way if you see me in game which is rare my name is either : aT LoTuS or In My Lotus.
    Thanks aTxx
  23. TEGKID

    TEGKID New Member

    Hey i just went from the moment to the epic and was wondering if there was a way to transfer my drag racing account to my new phone so i have my same cars?
  24. TrackRat5

    TrackRat5 New Member

    Finally got enough $ and RP to upgrade and tune. Accidentally moved gear ratios before taking note of stock numbers. Does anyone have those gear ratios or any success in tuning the Venom GT?
  25. Blake1806

    Blake1806 Member

    So, I just reached 5000 in level 4 pro league with my M3, but I'n still not on the hall of fame list. Does anyone know why the list doesn't reflect achievement?

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