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  1. Jim Mc

    Jim Mc New Member

    Here are some tips for the Ferarri 599 Novitec Rosso. I was really struggling with this game but have now accumulated $1.8m via the "online" mode using this method, it allows you to win virtually any race on the 1/2m mode.

    The car is maxed on all upgrades, but since the online mode pits equivalent level vehicles at you, this technique will probably work regardless of upgrades.

    * Try to get a perfect launch.
    * Shift up to second instantly.
    * Shift to third at 4k rpm.
    * Shift to fourth at 7k rpm.
    * Shift to 5th at 9k rpm, try to achieve 'perfect shift'.
    * Instantly apply NOS in 5th.
    * Shift to 6th at 9k rpm, try to achieve 'perfect shift'

    Occasionally some opponent cars still win, they seem to whiz past me at the final second, but this only happens probably 3 in 10 races using this technique. I am able to achieve a 1/2m of 12.611s.

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  2. Akwatic

    Akwatic Well-Known Member

    I have a maxed out Ferrari 599 Novitec and a level 3 Lotus Elise as well as about $500,000

    If I sell both cars I will have about $1.75 million

    should i sell the 599 and buy an Aero, or should I earn some more money and buy either a Veyron SS or Hennessey Venom?
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  3. ghostcloak

    ghostcloak Member

    Veryon SS or Hennessey GT. Otherwise, don't waste your time.
  4. gallandof

    gallandof Well-Known Member

    I just bought the Agera R and so far its holding up well in the 1/4 mile, but im worried that when I jump up a level that it may become useless. is this the case or does the agera hold up well until the hennesy or veyron?
  5. big3etr

    big3etr Active Member

    They updated the game again today! Now there is an option to buy respect points. There's some wasys to get free ones by installing other 3rd party apps/games. They also added bonuses for perfect shifts...
  6. Tazilon

    Tazilon New Member

    Ghostcloak - re your question about being passed at redline. I'm guessing your opponent's gears and drive ratio allow a higher top end than yours does.
  7. blacksheept

    blacksheept New Member

    So I am having this problem as well (where the 599 hits redline at 6th gear and opponents blow by me at the last second on the 1/2 mile) but i am having the problem on head to head. So there must be some way to get that last boost since the head to head mode uses the same exact cars. As far as I know you can't change the final drive or tune the cars in head to head right? Does anyone know how to get that little boost at the end? It's like people are hacking in a 7th gear or something...
  8. ghostcloak

    ghostcloak Member

    But this can't be possible on a Driver's Battle.

    Race Description: You and your online opponent will be driving identical cars. Win the battle of skill to get the prize.

    So how is I still get blown by a handful of guys (maybe 1 out of every 50 races it's like this) even though my Ultimate Aero is redlined and going 276mph? If we have the same identical car (and setup I assume), how are they boosting past redline? There's only 6 gears... lol. I don't get it
  9. thunder9111

    thunder9111 Member

    i also updated today and found it a bit easier to get RP and money.
    but i also spend money to tune the bugatti veyron 16.4 and wow.. such money wasted.. because I have no idea how to tune it at all..
    the only obvious thing i know how to tune is the nitro.

    can someone explain how the tuning works, or what is a good setup? i played around with it, and all my tuning did was make my car crap :(
  10. Evildawn

    Evildawn Well-Known Member

    This is a decent strategy but not the best with the proper tuning and timing I run my 599 at constant 12.440's sometimes faster. When most other 599's redline in 6th im still beastin out in 5th. I don't even have to shift out of 5th to win a 1/2 mile current top speed(in 5th gear) 258mph.

    Then of course on the 1/4 I love dusting off those green lambos. They'll be ahead till the last fraction of a second when the 599's superior top speed puts them to shame.
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  11. blckz28

    blckz28 Member

    That's what I was saying in my post, but I doubt anybody will tell us their secrets.
  12. blacksheept

    blacksheept New Member

    Oh yeah i meant Driver's battle in my last post as well. It's ridiculous that people can get that boost at the end.
  13. SnyperBob

    SnyperBob Member

    What are you running in the 1/4 with your 559? I haven't lost to a 559 in the 1/4 with my Lambo for weeks. Now that they added tuning the 559 has no chance in the 1/4.

    I average 8.544 in the 1/4 with the green lambo. Others are now getting as low as 8.527, I can't figure out how the hell they are going that fast!
  14. Evildawn

    Evildawn Well-Known Member

    I have not ran into many lambos that do 8.5's the few that do beat me I run about a solid 8.6 on the 1/4 mile
  15. Evildawn

    Evildawn Well-Known Member

    Currently tinkering with my tuning 12.440's were good enough "I thought" but I've been running into the occasional 12.260's in the tournaments..... and I want my 5th star lol
  16. Evildawn

    Evildawn Well-Known Member

    Currently tinkering with my tuning 12.440's were good enough "I thought" but I've been running into the occasional 12.420's in the tournaments..... and I want my 5th star lol
  17. nsider2

    nsider2 New Member

    Alright I'm about to give up... I have a low-grade level 10 Venom GT and am trying to earn money for its upgrades via drivers battles; not fast enough for face-to-face yet.

    Although I have NO idea how to launch these things.

    Someone somewhere suggested:
    1) Achieve perfect launch
    2) Immediately shift to second and ride it out to a perfect shift to 3rd
    3) Hit nitrous after shifting into 3rd
    Used this for a bit but identical Venoms were still leaving me in the dust at launch.

    Then I tried:
    1) Achieve a perfect launch
    2) Shift immediately into second
    3) Shift early into 3rd at 4k rpm
    4) Wait for nitrous until just before redline, where traction is usually gained
    5) Perfect shift remaining gears
    While this is slightly better than the previous method, I still get slaughtered by opponents at launch.
    Would someone please help me with these shift points? I am ridiculously frustrated.
  18. SnyperBob

    SnyperBob Member

    Are you getting slaughtered by other Venoms, or just other cars in general? Some cars are awesome at launching, other cars need time to get going. Depending on who is beating you, may just depend on the car they're driving.

    I still have yet to figure out the Venom as well. Now that there's tuning in the game, it makes it way harder to figure out what other people are doing. I think they should add in some kind of visual shift indicator on other ppl's cars, so you can see when they shift.

    Before they added tuning, you could just see when someone else driving the same car pulled away from you. then you could improve your driving based on that feedback. Now, it's anyone's game.

    I've been stuck trying to drop another hundredth off my lambo speed.
  19. nsider2

    nsider2 New Member

    Whenever I do drivers battles and we have the exact same Venom, I get slaughtered. I just tried shifting early till 4th before nitrous and it helped a little, gonna polish it a bit then I can post results if anyone is interested. I guess it really depends on what mods the game has applied to the cars.

    I had the lambo awhile back and can't remember for the life of me how I launched it... It was great though. I'd suggest keeping that until you have enough money for the Agera, then upgrade it until just short of crossing into level 9. It was a GREAT money maker for me, if launched right it really seemed unstoppable.
  20. SnyperBob

    SnyperBob Member

    I have cars for every level (for Pro tourney), but I still pretty much just race the Lambo now, lol. I guess when I get bored, I'll try mastering another car. Today I played enough to move my lambo level 7 rank from 3000+ to 20, lol.

    Before they went live, I was in the top 10 on the Beta they had. If you are looking for tips, I suggest you troll their Facebook page for any tips others may post. Some people are nice enough (stupid?) to post their tunes for others to use.

    My current lambo tune I got that way! I'm only about 0.015 from the fasted lambo times I've come across. Not bad.

    If you have any tips for the Venom, please let me know. I'll put some time into that car probably next week. I have 2.5 mill to dump into my Venom now for more upgrades. Mine is already a level 10 I believe.
  21. tazman77

    tazman77 Member

    This is the EXACT problem that I am having. I simply can't understand how someone can blow off the line that much faster with an identical car in the Driver's Battle.

    I would really like to know the trick for the best way to run with the Venom GT.
  22. Evildawn

    Evildawn Well-Known Member

    Im still messin.around with the venom myself BUT I do have a treat for you all :)

    After a couple hours of.tuning I finally got my 599 to run constant 12.420's sooo im going to release my old 12.440 tune for the public use.

    Ferrari 599 Novitec Rosso
    Nitrous : 135%
    Final Drive : 2.005
    1st : 3.322
    2nd : 2.662
    3rd : 2.098
    4th : 1.732
    5th : 1.467
    6th : 1.283

    This is an over rev tune in other words floor the sucker on theline don't waste time getting a good/perfect launch they will slow u down. As soon as the race starts shift into second. When done properly u will receive a perfect shift. Ride second gear out (RESISIT THE URGE TO SHIFT EARLY) second gear will take a moment. As soon as you shift into third use the juice every millisecond counts here. Shift into 4th and then 5th as you please DO NOT shift into 6th gear EVER! ride 5th all the way to.the finish even when your little red light comes on do not shift over 5th gear.

    Enjoy :)
  23. SnyperBob

    SnyperBob Member

    Off the line, that's just launch technique. If they're passing you at the end of the run, that's most likely timing for the N2O.
  24. suptt14

    suptt14 New Member

    Is anyone else having problems accessing the "earn free respect points" page. It says web page not available for me...
  25. mattsahn

    mattsahn New Member

    I've been running in to this problem too. I tried searching around and haven't found any hacks or hints or cheats or anything like that. I have no clue how people are doing it but it's frustrating especially when I was winning up until their little "special-boost".

    Here's what I do with the Venom
    1) F-that perfect launch crap. Aim for your RPMs to be just above "perfect".
    2) IMMEDIATELY shift into 3rd gear
    3) At 6k RPMs hit the N2O
    4) Go for perfect shifts into 4th, 5th, and just past perfect into 6th.
    5) Win. I've run into the 10's with that strategy.

    Here's what I do with the Aero TT
    1) Start with your RPM's just above perfect again
    2) IMMEDIATELY shift into 3rd
    3) At 5500/6k RPM's shift to 4th
    4) Perfect shift into 5th
    5) IMMEDIATELY hit N2O
    6) Perfect shift into 6th

    Just ran an 11.099 at 276mph with the above strategy. And then an 11.001 with the Venom using the above strategy.
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